Social Learning Facebook Groups Explained [in 2022]

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If you want to create a Facebook group where you want to help people educate about a subject then you should definitely make the Facebook group a Social Learning group.

In this Facebook group tutorial, we are going to explain everything you have to know about social learning Facebook groups.

What is a social learning group on Facebook?

Facebook’s social learning group type is one of the six Facebook group types you can use to make a Facebook group more customized.

The main idea behind Social Learning Groups is to help Facebook group members to learn the topic of Facebook group more efficiently.

This is achieved by the Facebook Group guide features that you as the Facebook group admin can create in a Social Learning group to arrange the main topics in learning units.

Social learning Facebook group

By creating Guides in the group, you can use the social learning Facebook group to basically have a course interface within a Facebook group. (more on this, at the second half of the tutorial.)

How to create a Social Learning Group on Facebook?

It is really easy to create a Social Learning Facebook group.

  1. First, create a Facebook group.
  2. Then go the ‘Settings’ on the left column.
  3. Under the Customize section, click on the pencil icon on the Group type row.change Facebook group type
  4. Select the group type as ‘Social learning’.create a social learning group on Facebook
  5. Click on ‘Save’

Now, your Facebook group is a social learning Facebook group and you can use the exclusive features of this Facebook group type.

Now, if you refresh the Facebook group, you should see a “Guides” tab under the Cover photo.

Social Learning Group features and applications

A social learning group on Facebook is awesome as it makes it possible to create your own course in a Facebook group with the Guides feature.

This is pretty cool since if you want to create an exclusive course, usually you have to have a website or pay for a course platform subscription that is a hard cost. With Facebook’s social learning group, you don’t need any of this as you can create a course on Facebook with the Guides feature.

So if your Facebook group is about getting better at a specific topic, then I would highly recommend making the Facebook group a social learning group and creating your own free or paid course with Facebook Guides.

This will also definitely increase the Facebook group engagement rate, which will help the group generally, giving a higher reach in the Facebook news feed and recommending it to other people to join the group.

To learn more about Facebook group guides, how you can create them arrange, and manage them, then check out our other tutorial dedicated to Facebook group Guide:

  • A guide on Facebook Group Guides

FAQ – Social Learning Facebook groups

How to create a course on Facebook?

You can create a course for free on Facebook using the Guides feature on Facebook. To enable the guides feature, all you have to do is to set up a Facebook group, then make it to a social learning Facebook group.

How to start a social learning group on Facebook?

You have to create a regular Facebook group first, then go to Facebook Group settings and change the Facebook group type to social learning group.

Can you combine Facebook’s social learning group with another group type?

No, unfortunately, you can have only one Facebook group type selected. If you are running a social learning Facebook group, the group can’t be a Buy and Sell group type parallelly.

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