How To Switch back To a TikTok Personal Account? [in 2022]

Sometimes there is a need to switch back to your personal TikTok account, especially when you have switched to some other account, like a “Pro” account. TikTok has multiple accounts, including a “creator” account, a “business” account, and the TikTok Personal Account.

In this TikTok beginner tutorial, we are going to show you how to switch back to a personal account on TikTok.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to switch back to a personal TikTok account, check out this one:

How to switch back to a TikTok personal account?

Here is how you can switch back to a TikTok personal account:

1st Step: Tap on the Tiple Dots on Your TikTok Profile

Open your TikTok account and profile on your smartphone or mobile device. Locate the triple dots and tap on them. You cannot do this on a personal computer, desktop, or laptop. The Icon can be found on the bottom of the navigation bar, which takes you to your TikTok profile page.

The three dots can be located on the topmost section of the navigation bar. Next, you need to navigate to the page called “settings and privacy” by tapping on it.

Tap on the “Manage Account” Section

Once you are inside the “settings and privacy” section, you will find multiple options in the menu. You can find the option “manage account” under the “account” section and header on this page.

In the “manage account” section and page, you can edit and alter the settings for “account control” as well as the information of the account.

Step 3: Tap on the Section “Account Control” and Change the Settings

Once you are inside the “manage account” section, you will find their options including “account control”. Here you can find the different accounts including the business, creator, or personal account. You can easily tap on “switch to the personal account” section and heading.

Personal TikTok account vs Business account – Cons and Benefits

TikTok has two main account categories including the “Personal” account and the “Pro” account. The “Pro” account has two categories including the “business” account and the “creator” account.

The TikTok personal account does not provide any analytical tools and does not offer any advanced functionality. On the other hand, a business account will help you connect with the customers better.

TikTok business accounts are often needed by the big businesses and those who want to establish customer relationships and brand names. However, the personal account allows the users to go through, view, and use trending music on the app. A personal account will therefore help the users use the latest videos and create good and popular content.

Why does it make sense to switch back to a personal TikTok account?

Those who do not want to pay the influences will have to create videos by themselves. The TikTok personal account offers many benefits that the business account does not. Because this account will allow you to use the latest and trending music for your videos, it is better when you want to create more videos that are popular and successful on TikTok.

Can’t Switch Back to a Personal TikTok Account

Some of the possible reasons why you are not able to switch back to your personal account on TikTok or cannot use the application and login to it are given below. Remove these hurdles to sign in to TikTok again.

  • There is no internet available on your mobile.
  • The wrong birthdate has been entered into the profile. TikTok had to ban millions of accounts due to privacy issues and for the laws associated governing children’s access to the app.
  • Using the VPN services may not allow you to connect to the app server.

The options you get within the “account control” section of the TikTok app depend on the type of account you have. For instance, the business account holders have both a creator account as well a personal account. The creator account holders also have the option of a business account as well as a personal account. Those having a personal account only do not have other options.

Summary – How to switch back to a personal TikTok account?

TikTok, Instagram, and other social media app make it easy and hassle-free for their users and members to switch accounts.

However, not all types of accounts have all the features. For instance, the business account does not have the use of mainstream songs feature. Therefore, you should be careful about the type of account you want on TikTok and make a wise choice depending upon your needs.

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