How To Switch back To a TikTok Personal Account? [in 2022]

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If you don’t like your TikTok business account, you can turn off business account on TikTok which means you will switch TikTok back to a personal TikTok account. As you know, TikTok has multiple account types, including a  TikTok creator account, a business account, and the TikTok Personal Account.

In this TikTok beginner tutorial, we are going to show you how to turn off business account on TikTok and switch back to a personal account on TikTok.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to switch back to a personal TikTok account, check out this one:

How to switch back to a TikTok personal account?

Here is how you to turn off TikTok business account and switch back to a TikTok personal account:

  1. Open the TikTok app and sign in.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.manage my account on TikTok mobile app
  3. Select ‘Manage my account’switch back to TikTok personal account and turn off TikTok business account
  4. Click on the button ‘Switch back to personal account’.confirm to change tikTok business to personal TikTok account
  5. Confirm that you want to turn off TikTok business account by tapping on ‘Switch back’.

If you managed to follow this process, you have successfully turned off TikTok business account and switched back to a TikTok personal account

Personal TikTok account vs Business account – Cons and Benefits

TikTok has two main account categories: TikTok Personal accounts and the  TikTok Pro accounts. The TikTok Pro account has two subtypes: the  TikTok business account and the  TikTok creator account.

The TikTok personal account does not provide any analytical tools and does not offer any advanced functionality. On the other hand, a business account will help you connect with the customers more easily.

TikTok business accounts are often used by the big businesses and those who want to establish customer relationships and brand names.

However, the TikTok personal account allows the users to go through, view, and use trending music on the app. A personal account will therefore help the users use the latest videos and create good and popular content on TikTok.

Why does it make sense to change TikTok from a business to a personal account?

Those who do not want to pay the influences will have to create videos by themselves.

The TikTok personal account offers many benefits that the business account does not. Because this account will allow you to use the latest and trending music for your videos, it is better when you want to create more videos that are popular and successful on TikTok.

Can’t Switch Back to a Personal TikTok Account

Some of the possible reasons why you are can’t switch back to your personal account on TikTok or cannot use the TikTok application and log in to it are given below. Remove these hurdles to sign in to TikTok again.

  • You have already turned off your TikTok business account and you are using a personal TikTok account.
  • There is no internet available on your mobile.
  • The wrong birthdate has been entered into the profile. TikTok had to ban millions of accounts due to privacy issues and for the laws associated governing children’s access to the app.
  • Using the VPN services may not allow you to connect to the app server.

The options you get within the “account control” section of the TikTok app depend on the type of account you have.

For instance, the business account holders have both a creator account as well a personal account. The creator account holders also have the option of a business account as well as a TikTok personal account. Those having a TikTok personal account only do not have other options.

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