How To Tag Companies on LinkedIn? [in 2022]

LinkedIn is a social networking sit that has become the most popular way of finding jobs. Fortunately, it’s also an excellent platform for connecting with companies looking for talents in the same field as you. If you’re wondering how to tag companies on LinkedIn, read on to learn what you need to do.

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Why tagging people and companies on your post is beneficial?

Tagging people and companies are beneficial because it makes it easier for your followers to find you. If you tag a company on a post, your audience will have the option of seeing all the posts that you’ve tagged a company in. If any posts aren’t tagged with the company, your followers will see only those posts. This helps them get to know who you are and what you’re about. Additionally, if someone doesn’t follow a company, they won’t see their posts.

How To Tag Companies in a LinkedIn post?

To tag a company in a LinkedIn post, you need to find their profile first. Just type the company name in the search bar and click on the company name that comes up. If you have trouble finding the company profile, try using keywords related to the company, such as “LinkedIn” or “company name,” and see what comes up.

Once you have located the profile of your target company, click on contact next to their name. This will open up a pop-up window that asks for more information about them so you can get started tagging them in your post.

When filling out their information, select an appropriate category, then write a summary of what they do and how they contribute to your career and life. For example, if they’re an employer, mention how they hire new employees like yourself and what types of jobs or positions they offer. If they’re a business partner, mention why you think it would be beneficial for your career to work with them in some capacity.

What happens when you tag a company on Linkedin?

By tagging a company, you let them know that you want to connect with them. Depending on how they organize their company profile, it may be as easy as clicking the “Add network” button (located in the top-right corner of their profile), or they might need you to send them an introduction first.

Once you add a company, they will see your profile and contact information. This means that companies will be able to find you when looking for a new hire! The more people connected with that company, the more visibility your name has for the company.

Can’t tag a company on a Linkedin post

First, you’ll want to get permission from the company. If you’re unsure whether or not you have permission, check your emails for LinkedIn updates.

If the company hasn’t permitted you to tag them on a post, here are some other ways to do it:

  • Start a conversation with the company and mention that you would like to tag them.
  • You can send them an email directly and ask if they will participate in your posting.
  • You can create a new post directly on their profile and tag them in it.
  • If they have a profile photo, put their photo next to your post and tag it by clicking on the person icon at the top of the post.

 Other information related to tagging Linkedin posts

There are many ways to tag the company you’re posting about on LinkedIn. The most important thing to note before tagging is whether or not you want your post to be public or private. For example, if you want your post to be seen by the public, use a “company name” tag. However, if you want it only seen by those connected with that company, use an “organization” tag.

If you want your post to be public and visible to everyone on LinkedIn, then use a “company name” tag.

If you want it only seen by those connected with that company but visible to everyone in the industry, use an “industry” tag.

If you want your post visible only to people connected with the company (but not outside of the industry), use an “organization” tag. If you want your post visible only for those companies in the same industry as yours but not for others in that industry, then use an “industry” tag.

The information should include:

-Company name






LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding new connections and business opportunities. But with so many people and companies on the platform, it can be not easy to see who you want to connect with. This can be solved by tagging them in your posts.

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