Why Was My TikTok Ad Account Suspended (Banned)? [in 2022]

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It can be a nightmare if you find one day that your TikTok Ad Account got suspended.

In this TikTok ads tutorial we are going to cover why a TikTok ads account can get suspended, and how to get the TikTok ad account suspension removed are given below.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to get back a suspended TikTok ad account back, check out out this video:

Why was my TikTok Ad Account Suspended?

Tiktok advertisers may find a message that their account has been suspended after they log in. In other cases, the advertising status is changed to suspended. Officially the reason for TikTok ad account suspension is that the advertiser has violated the Tiktok advertising policy.

In some cases, the users or other channels on Tiktok may have complained about the advertiser or reported the advertiser for a perceived policy violation.

Sometimes the services, graphics, or other information provided by the TikTok video ad may violate the Tiktok guidelines.

When the Tiktok ad was created the creator might have designed the ad so that it is harmful to the viewer, or may have malicious intent. In a few cases, the advertiser may have changed the landing page for the ad after it is delivered.

In a few cases, the TikTok ad account may be suspended due to financial reasons, like credit card-related issues. Like most advertising networks, Tiktok allows the advertisers some time to pay the outstanding amount, usually 90 days in most countries.

If the outstanding is not paid within this period, the TikTok advertising account may be suspended. The advertiser can contact his TikTok ad account manager to get the matter resolved. The advertiser should also check the Tiktok terms and conditions, which provide comprehensive information about the advertising policies.

What happens when your TikTok account gets banned?

After a particular Tiktok advertising account is banned, all the ads which were displayed for the specific account will be stopped, they will not be displayed on any Tiktok video. These ads will only be displayed after the account suspension is lifted.

The account owners cannot edit or make changes in the account information for the banned account. In case the advertising account of an advertising agency is suspended, it cannot be used for creating new advertising accounts for specific customers.

The agency also cannot add money to the various TikTok ad accounts it controls if its main account is suspended.

How to appeal a TikTok ad account suspension?

Tiktok business has a customer support system that the advertisers can use to get assistance if their advertising account is suspended. The TikTok advertiser can appeal against the suspension by Tiktok and the TikTok staff will review the decision or ask the advertiser to make changes so that the ads conform to Tiktok ad policy. The advertiser can use the Advertiser support section in the Tiktok ads manager or from the menu of the Tiktok business center.

In this case, he should first select the account review option and then the option to appeal against the account suspension. The advertiser should provide the details required, like account information, provide a title and a detailed description of the problem which he faces. He should then submit the appeal. Usually, the advertiser will receive a reply to his appeal, within a couple of business days.

Advertisers should submit their appeal ticket at the earliest since tickets that are submitted 180 days after the account is suspended will usually not be reviewed by Tiktok. In certain special cases, the time period for appealing against the suspension may be adjusted.

In these cases, the instructions will be provided in the suspension notice. Tiktok recommends that the advertiser should not create any new advertiser account, when the ticket is opened to appeal the account suspension is not resolved. If a new account is opened, it will affect the process of reviewing the appeal against suspension.

Can’t get back a suspended TikTok ad account

In some cases, the Tiktok support may specify the reason why the account was suspended, the specific guideline or advertisement violating the policy.

In these cases, if the suspension is not revoked, the advertiser can ask the customer support, if there are changes which are recommended, which will help in getting the TikTok ad account restored.

Alternately the advertiser can ask the customer support if there are some specific ads against which the users or others are complaining, and whether removing these ads will help in restoring the ad account.

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