What are TikTok Pixel Events? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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TikTok Pixel is a powerful javascript code snippet on your website that helps you track your TikTok advertising campaign. This code enables you to find the right audience for your ads and monitor sales and user activity.

In this TikTok advertising tutorial, we are going to explain everything you have to know about TikTok Pixel Events.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on TikTok Pixel Events, check out this one:

What are TikTok Pixel Events?

TikTok pixel events are actions a visitor of the website takes to achieve a business goal. This includes adding an item to the cart, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

TikTok Pixel Events can result from a TikTok ad or come organically. TikTok Pixel Events Events are meant to help you build marketing audiences, measure TikTok ads campaign performance, and optimize TikTok ad delivery.

TikTok Pixel Event types

Here is a list of TikTok event types and a summary to help understand them.

  • Add payment info – This is when a visitor adds their payment information to the check flow.
  • Add to cart – This is when an item you choose gets added to the shopping cart by the visitor.
  • Add to wish list – This is when an item is added to the description list by the visitor.
  • Click button – This is when a visitor clicks a button; it’s recommended for tracking important buttons on your website that matter to your business. An example is a” like” button.
  • Complete payment – it’s when a visitor makes a payment.
  • Complete registration – it’s when a visitor signs up for something on your website.
  • Contact – This is when someone reaches out to you
  • Download – This is when someone tries to download something from your account
  • Initiate check out – This is when someone is ready to make the purchase and is checking out.
  • Place an order – when a visitor places an order. It is then considered a type of purchase event. It’s used when a visitor is paying for goods or items.
  • Search – when a visitor does a search
  • Submit form – when a visitor submits a form
  • Subscribe – when a visitor subscribes to something on your website.
  • View content – when a visitor views an important page on your website, it is recommended to track important business that matters to you.

TikTok Pixel Click events

When someone clicks every time, it counts on a specific element of your website as an event. Examples are: adding something to a cart, submitting a form, or app downloading. They use web elements of the buttons or links you want to track.

TikTok Pixel URL Events

When a visitor visits a specific page on your website events. This could include a confirmation page after a purchase or a thank you page. Events use keywords contained in the URL of the page you want to track.

What is TikTok Pixel Advanced Matching?

This is a business tool enabling businesses to send privacy-safe customer information. This information should match website and app events with ads on TikTok. Advanced matching can measure across multiple devices, browsers, and sessions through the multi-session attribute. With advanced matching, it will be easier to:

  • Build bigger audiences to reach your website and on TikTok to app customers
  • Amplify conversation events using power campaign bidding models.
  • Capture more events with complete cross-sectional matching and cross-device.

TikTok Pixel Event Installation methods

After creating the TikTok Pixel, you can use one of these methods to install your pixel event: manually or through Google Tag Manager.

TikTok Pixel Event configuration via Manual installation

  • Choose a “Manually Install Pixel code and click “Next.”
  • Paste the pixel code at the top of the header section on your website
  • Your header starts with the <head> tag and closes with the <head> tag. Please paste it at the top
  • Some themes have a central location for “header and footer scripts” in this case, you can post into the header section. You can even ask your website developer for help.
  • Do not make the mistake of adding your Pixel repeatedly. Only post your pixel code once.

TikTok Pixel Event configuration via Google Tag Manager

  • Use a third-party tool to install the code, then click “next.”
  • Click the button that says connect to Google account to connect to your Google account. Tag manager account
  • Select your Google tag manager account, container, and workplace. Then click “Next.”
  • If you ever want to switch to a different Google account, click “Next.”

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