What is TikTok Pixel? How To Create The TikTok Pixel? [in 2022]

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If you are advertising on TikTok, creating and installing the TikTok Pixel on your website is a must.

If you want to learn more about the TikTok Pixel, like what the TikTok Pixel is, what TikTok Pixel installation methods exist, and more then read this TikTok ads tutorial.

What is TikTok Pixel?

TikTok Pixel is a Javascript code snippet that can help you improve your advertising propositions on TikTok and enhance your level.

You can track the actions of web visitors that they take on your app or website, once you install TikTok Pixel. It also helps in tracking the clicks on your advertisements on a website or app.

The TikTok Pixel code can help you create a list of custom audiences following the web pages or apps they visit or the actions they carry out. It is a great tool for re-targeting audiences as well.

Why Installing the TikTok Pixel is important?

TikTok Pixel is highly important for business websites and businesses with an online presence. It may help you in areas including:

Tracking your conversions from TikTok ads

by installing TikTok pixel on your website, you will be able to track the behavior of customers on your website and advertisement. The new code will reveal to you a variety of data and information including data on customers who engage with your content, fill out the contact forms online, or make a purchase.

Optimizing the TikTok Ad Campaigns

TikTok Pixel is also an efficient tool for optimizing business advertisement campaigns. It can improve your advertisement so that the users take the desired action on the website. The optimization helps you enhance your conversion rates and induces better engagement of traffic.

Create TikTok Custom audiences:

TikTok pixel also allows you to create the custom audiences and TikTok Lookalike Audiences. These can be created based on the behavior of the customers on your website.

They are especially useful if you want to remarket users on TikTok or want to scale your TikTok ads campaigns.

How to create a TikTok Pixel code?

First, you have to create the TikTok Pixel so you can install the Pixel code later on your website

  • Open the TikTok website and log in to the website tiktok.com/business.
  • On the navigation menu, you will find the option “library”. Click on it and then navigate to the website Pixel.
  • Within the website Pixel, you will find the “manage” option.
  • Once you click the “manage” option, you will find the option “Create Pixel”.
  • Once you click on “create pixel”, you will have to name it.
  • If you know the code of your website, you can choose the option “manually install the pixel code”.

How you can install the TikTok Pixel?

Manual Installation of TikTok Pixel

You can install the Pixel code manually by choosing the “developer mode” option.

  1. For the “manual mode”, you will have to copy the pixel code.
  2. Next, you will have to navigate to the “chip seller dashboard”.
  3. Now you will have to go to the “campaign details” section and then to “conversions tracking”. Here you can paste the TikTok pixel ID.
  4. Once the pixel id has been pasted and the code is installed, you can start using the TikTok pixel for tracking.
  5. If you are not aware of the code of your business website, you will have to select the option “install pixel code” by a third-party tool.

Installing TikTok Pixel viaGoogle Tag Manager

There is also another option of installing TikTok Pixel through the Google Tag Manager.

  1. To install the TikTok pixel through Google Tag Manager, you need to install the Tag Manager first.
  2. Now you need to choose the option “install the pixel code by third party tool”.
  3. Now click on the option “Connect to Google account”.
  4. Next, fill all the sections including working space, select container, and select account.
  5. Once the Tag Manager is connected, you can install the tool “TikTok Helper”.
  6. If all is done right, the ID of your TikTok Pixel will show on the Tag Manager.

TikTok Pixel Events

The actions that a web visitor or your prospective customers take on the business website are called “Events”. You can track these events for the benefits involved. For instance, an event is created when an item is added to the cart or when a purchase is made.

These events can be created for all the specific and individual steps of the journey of the customer on your website. It goes a long way in analyzing the strength of the sales funnel of your website. You can also choose the most valuable events for optimization, which will enhance the effectiveness of your online advertisements.

TikTok Pixel Helper

TikTok Pixel also offers an important tool by the name “TikTok Pixel Helper”. It helps you check and know whether a Pixel code has been added correctly to your website. It also helps you know whether the events are being triggered in an appropriate way.


TikTok Pixel is one of the best ways to gather more revenues from your business websites. It helps in optimizing the ads and in tracking and increasing your conversion.

If you run a business website or an application, you can try to take maximum advantage of the new digital tool offered by TikTok to be more popular on the web.

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