How To Set Up Twitter Follower Campaigns? (+Tips) [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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With Twitter follower campaigns, you can quickly grow your Twitter following without too much effort.

In this Twitter ads tutorial, we are going to cover what Twitter follower ad campaigns are and how to set up a Twitter follower campaign step by step.

What are Twitter Follower Campaigns?

Twitter follower campaigns enable you to acquire new Twitter followers that stay loyal and stay engaged. And such movements will allow you to promote your account for a specific period to attract new followers and enable your audience base to grow.

The Twitter follower campaigns can be helpful, particularly when you want to improve or catch the attention of your prospective clients, who usually follow your account.

Having followers is vital and valuable for any business; running campaigns can help you improve your growth. Besides, growing your followers will also imply creating a pool of interested audiences that you can easily leverage to relay your message faster – inside and out of Twitter.

Furthermore, your followers will play a key role in being brand ambassadors and loyal customers with these campaigns. After you’ve gotten paid followers, you’ll have the freedom to interact with them every day to drive web traffic, downloads, purchases, word of mouth, spread reach, etc.

How to set up a Twitter Follower campaign?

Here is hot to create a Twitter follower campaign:

  1. First, Sign in to your Twitter ads account.
  2. In the upper right side of your ads manager, click “Create Campaign.”
  3. Then, on the list of the campaign’s objectives, select “Followers.”
  4. After this, you’ll come to the tab “Details,” which is the setup form of the campaign. While here, you’ll need to give a name to your campaign, select your source of funding and update on your campaign dates and the budget.
  5. You’ll need to set your initial ad group. Better still, you can decide to set up the start and end times of the ad group.
  6. If you’re running a Followers Campaign, then the goal of your ad will remain optimized to gain followers.
  7. Next, you’ll be required to choose the type of bid you’d opt to use in your group. You can choose between:

Target cost (most recommended)

Here, you have a chance to name the bid that you need to pay for each follower. Your campaign will automatically optimize your selected bids to attain a day-to-day median cost that meets your set target. You’ll incur the actual median cost for all the entire follows in the day.

Automatic bid

This is where your bid will automatically be optimized to attain the maximum results at the least price that stays within your budget. If you wish to get your campaigns to go live instantly, this option can be the right option.

  1. For follower campaigns, your “Pay By” metric will stay as “Follower.”
  2. Select the audience your ad intends to serve in the tab named “Targeting.”
  3. Select the Tweets that you prefer in your campaign. My recommendation for follower campaigns is the text-only tweets.
  4. Now, go to the “Review & Complete” section to cross-check your setup. If you still need to add extra ad groups, you can do it here.
  5. There you are! Now run your follower campaign.

Cost of Twitter Follower Campaigns

There is no fixed cost of Twitter follower campaigns. In most cases, your bid, audience size, and even advertisers’ needs for a given audience are the key elements that will dictate the cost of the campaign.

I usually recommend a bid of between $2.50 and $3.50, dictated by the historical averages; however, you’ll get the actual bid structure while you set up your campaign.

Twitter follower campaigns optimization tips & best practices

Twitter follower campaign tips

  • Use Tweets in the campaign that are attractive for a broad audience
  • You should be aggressive when you’re targeting users

Best practices – Twitter follower campaign

Here are some Twitter follower campaigns’ best practices:

  • You should be creative when choosing targeting parameters
  • Come up with campaigns for every different client segments
  • Include between 10 and 20 interests and @names
  • Ensure to target followers who have similar interest

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