What is Twitter Retargeting? How To Create A Twitter Retargeting Campaign? [in 2022]

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Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can help you in marketing your own business. With the help of Twitter ad retargeting, you can retarget your users and Twitter followers and make your campaigns even more effective than ever.

Are you wondering what is it or how to create a Twitter retargeting campaign? Then this Twitter ads tutorial is for you.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on Twitter retargeting, check out this one:

What is Twitter retargeting?

Twitter retargeting allows businesses to target Twitter ads to users who have previously interacted with their Twitter account, who subscribed to their newsletter or visited their website. You can remarket Twitter users based on Twitter Custom Audiences.

Twitter retargeting is a powerful tool because it allows businesses to reach out to people who have already shown an interest in their product or service so usually you can a higher conversion rate a better ROI on Twitter retargeting than regular Twitter ad campaigns.

What audiences can you remarket on Twitter?

Several people visit your websites or apps. While some of them become regular customers, some just visit and forget. So, when you are wondering which audiences you can remarket your products or services on Twitter, you have several options. These are:

  • Past visitors of your websites

You can target the people who have visited your website in the past or viewed any specific landing pages on your website.

  • People who have interacted or engaged with your Tweets

With the help of an influential influencer, you can target and reach the people who have engaged or interacted with the Tweets in the past.

  • People who are subscribed to your newsletter

Many people sign up to your online newsletter and this can be quite helpful for you to target them. Whether it is promoting a new release or showcasing some offer, you can retarget the people subscribed.

  • People who are almost there

These are the audiences who have added a product in the shopping cart but yet to make a purchase. They probably need a slight push to make the final call.

How to create a Twitter retargeting campaign?

When you are creating a Twitter retargeting campaign, there are few things that you will have to keep in mind. Some of the important steps to create a campaign are:

  1. Personalizing the content

People love it when the ads are personalized according to their interests. This makes them feel more personal and connected. Hence, you can get more conversions when you remarket your brand by personalizing the ad contents.

  1. Test some options

To know what type of ads works best for your customers, you have to follow the trial and error method. Try out different types of campaigns for your brand to know which one is doing the best. Thus, you can remarket using that particular type of campaign.

  1. Set up a budget

You need to set up a budget for your digital marketing campaign. This is an important step as it will help you to match your marketing according to your budget.

  1. Check the activities

Check the lists, app and website activities to figure out whom you want to target. Based on that, you can create an ad campaign to start the campaign.

Twitter engager targeting explained

People visit Twitter to see what is happening and what the talk of the town is. Here are some of the features that will explain you what is Twitter engager targeting:

  1. Moving the prospects through the funnel

You can reach the audiences who are exposed or engaged with the Tweets that come with a CTA (call to action) campaign. This can move them further in the conversion process.

  1. Increase the ROI

The main objective is to increase the return that you spend on your ads. By targeting the audience who engage with your Tweets, you can convert more people.

3. Follow up with responsive prospects

You can reach the most interested prospects with the help of Twitter retargeting promotions and campaigns. You can curate some special offers to target your audiences who engage a lot with your Tweets.

Twitter Remarketing – Summing up

This is all about Twitter retargeting and with the help of Twitter retargeting campaigna you can increase the conversion rate. You will be able to get a better return on investment with these Twitter remarketing campaigns.

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