Is VidIQ Free? – VidIQ Free Trial Explained [in 2022]

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Are you thinking about trying out VidIQ? Well, we have good news: first, there is a basic plan that is always free, so you can try out some features for free. Secondly, there is a 30-day VidIQ free trial that you can also use to try out the main premium features for free as well.

In this VidIQ tutorial, we are going to explain what you have to know about the free VidIQ features and the free VidIQ trial you can take advantage of.

Is VidIQ Free?

Yes, there is a free basic VidIQ plan that you can use without any strings attached. VidIQ’s basic plan seems to be always free.

try VidIQ free plan

However, the basic free VidIQ plan is limited and you get only get access to a limited feature set that is also kind of limited.

If you want to use VidIQ Pro or Boost for free, you can also do that by using a promo code at the checkout to get a 30-day VidIQ Free trial. (See details at the end of this article.)

VidIQ free features

If you want to try out VidIQ for free, you just have to download the free Chrome or Firefox VidIQ extension and can start using VidIQ for free.

Here are the features you will get access to without paying for VidIQ:

Free Daily Ideas

You will get three AI-powered video ideas personalized for your YouTube channel every day.

Free Competitor tracking

If you have the free VidIQ plan, you will be able to track three competitors so you can get a deeper insight on what is working for your direct competitors.

Free Trend Alert

If you have the basic free plan, you will be able to specify one trend alert. Although even this one alert will have a limited functionality.

Free Support

You will be able to email the VidIQ support if you have any question.

VidIQ Academy

You will get free access to VidIQ Academy, however the access will be limited to some basic courses

Free Video Scorecard

You will get access to the VidIQ Video Scorecard that will show up next to the video you are watching on YouTube but it will have a limited functionality.

Free Live Stats Bar

You will have access to the Live Stats bar on the free plan as well, although this feature is not a game change if we are honest. It will show up on the top of the screen on all pages of YouTube

Compare Views

When you use the free basic VidIQ plan, you can also you the Compare Views feature that lets you compare how a video performs in related to any channel’s average video performance.

Free VidIQ vs VidIQ Boost & Pro

There are plenty of VidIQ features that are not available on the free plan, so we are not going to cover all of them.

But here are the most important ones that you will be missing if you are not paying anything for VidIQ.

Not free features of VidIQ Pro

  • bulk edit YouTube descriptions
  • keyword research tool
  • Most Viewed Videos
  • Top Tweets for Videos
  • Top Trending Videos
  • Best time of the day to post a YouTube video

Not free features of VidIQ Boost

  • everything on VidIQ Pro plan plus
  • more VidIQ Trend alerts
  • SEO Title & Description Recommendations
  • Inline Tag Recommendations
  • Thumbnail Preview
  • Dedicated SEO Analytics
  • Channel Wide Tags

There is also a coaching plan that you can subscribe to called VidIQ Boost+.

With Boost+ you will be able to request 1 coaching call per month, YouTube analytics deep dive with an expert, and Personalized Tips and Trick from a YouTube coach.

If you want to get more info on how useful these paid features are, check out the following articles:

  • VidIQ Review
  • How to VidIQ for YouTUbe keyword research
  • How to get more views with VidIQ?

And if you are interested in the VidIQ pricing, check out this guide we have written on it:

However, if you want to try these premium VidIQ features for free, you can also do that by starting a 30 day VidIQ Free Trial

VidIQ Free trial

As you can see, the paid VidIQ subscriptions provide you with essential features that you won’t get access to on the free plan. If you want to grow your YouTube channel with keyword research or by leveraging trending topics you have to purchase the VidIQ Pro or the Boost plan.

However, if you want to try these paid features like the keyword research tool for free, you have to take advantage of their 30-day free trial.

Just use the promo code maytheviewsbewithyou at checkout, and you will get your first month of VidIQ Boost or Pro free of charge.

If you don’t see the value in the paid VidIQ plans, you can always cancel the VidIQ subscription and downgrade back to the free VidIQ plan.

FAQ – VidIQ For Free

Can you download VidIQ for Free?

Yes, as the basic VidIQ plan is absolutely free, you can download the VidIQ extension for free and use the YouTube video analytics software for free forever.

How to use VidIQ for Free?

If you want to use VidIQ for free, you can sign up for the free basic plans and use the software with limited functionality.

How to get VidIQ Pro for free?

You can get VidIQ Pro for free by using a 30-day Free trial promo code at the checkout. See the details in the article above.

Is there a free alternative to VidIQ?

Although there is no perfect free alternative, there is some other free software that you can use to substitute some paid features on VidiQ.

Check out our VidIQ alternatives articles for more details. (Tobepublished)

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