What is VidIQ – How Does VidIQ Work? [in 2022]

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If you want to get more views on YouTube and grow your YouTube channel, then VidIQ is one of the best YouTube tools you can use. It has many features that can help you take your YouTube channel to next level.

In this VidIQ article, we are going to introduce the VidIQ software, what free and paid features it provides and how you can start using it, and many more.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a browser extension and YouTube SaaS tool that can help YouTube creators come up with YouTube video ideas, do YouTube keyword research, dive deep into their YouTube channel analytics, and help with their YouTube SEO.

And actually, it can help creators with even more things that will get them more YouTube subscribers and more views.

Besides TubeBuddy, VidIQ is the most popular YouTube SEO, keyword research and optimization tool that is used by over 2 million YouTube creators.

what is VidIQ

Currently, VidIQ has 9 free and over 20 paid features and also has a relatively cheap personalized coaching program.

You can use VidIQ basically on all web browsers but you can also use VidIQ on your iPhone or Android phone as they also have a mobile app that provides a lot of useful features.

VidIQ add-on feature list

The great thing about VidIQ is that you can start using it for free as it has a free basic plan.

Here is the current feature list of VidIQ:

  • Free Daily Ideas (free)
  • Competitor tracking (free+premium)
  • Trend alerts (free+premium)
  • Email support (free)
  • VidIQ Academy (free+premium)
  • VidIQ Scorecard (free)
  • Live Stats bar (free)
  • Compare Views (free)
  • Basic Video Analytics (free)
  • VidIQ Keyword Engine (premium)
  • Chat Support (premium)
  • Bulk Edit YouTube descriptions (premium)
  • Keyword research tool (premium)
  • Most viewed videos (premium)
  • Top Tweets for Videos (premium)
  • Top Trending Videos (premium)
  • Set Title & Recommendations (premium)
  • Inline Tag Recommendations (premium)
  • Thumbnail Preview (premium)
  • Best time of day (premium)
  • Dedicated SEO analytics (premium)
  • Channel Wide Tags (premium)

How does VidIQ work?

It is really easy to start using VidIQ, all you have to do is add the browser extension to your Chrome, Firefox, Edge browser and you can start using it.

So, first, let’s see how to download the VidIQ extension.

Download VidIQ Chrome Extension

If you want to start using VidIQ, you can do so by downloading it as a free Google Chrome Extension.

add vidiq to Chrome Browser

Here is the link to the VidIQ Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vidiq-vision-for-youtube/pachckjkecffpdphbpmfolblodfkgbhl?hl=en

As most web browsers besides Firefox are Chromium-based, you can use Google Chrome extensions with them. So if you are using Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser, Samsung Internet, Opera you should be able to install VidIQ easily as well.

Install VidIQ Vision for Firefox

Fortunately, VidIQ is not only available for Google Chrome, but you can also use it if you are a Firefox user as they also have a Firefox add-on.

Here you can download the VidIQ Extension for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/vidiq-vision-youtube/ 

Download VidIQ for iPhone or Android phones

If you want to use VidIQ on your mobile phone, you can also do that as VidIQ has a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

VidIQ for mobile - Android

Here are the links to the App and Play Store:

Sign up for new a VidIQ account

Once you have installed the VidIQ extension, you still have to create a VidIQ account and add your YouTube channel to this VidIQ account.

create a VidIQ account

When you are adding the VidIQ addon to your browser, you also have to allow the VidIQ extension to view your YouTube analytics reports and manage your YouTube account.

allow VidIQ to access and manager your YouTUbe account and analyitics data

But don’t worry about this, VidIQ is safe to use, and it is used by more than 2 million users worldwide and there hasn’t been any incident with the extensions so you can add your YouTube channel any time you want

Start using VidIQ features

Once you have added the VidIQ add-on to your browser and created a VidIQ account you can start using its features to help you grow your YouTube channel in so many ways:

  • analyze the performance of videos that are already live.
  • do very in-depth YouTube keyword research
  • optimize the YouTube SEO of your videos
  • bulk edit titles, descriptions, end screens
  • make channel audits

Some of these features are visible when you are using YouTube, some of them are only available if you sign in to your VidIQ account.

If you want to learn more about these features and how you can use these features and how useful these features are check out the tutorials here:

  • How to VidIQ for YouTube keyword research
  • How to get more views with VidIQ?
  • VidIQ Review

Sign up for a VidIQ subscription

As we have mentioned, VidIQ has free features, but if you want to take advantage of its most useful features, you have to sign up for the Pro or the Boost plan.

How Much Does VidIQ Cost?

However, the VidIQ premium plans are still relatively affordable especially if you want to get the best out of your YouTube videos.

Currently, here is the cost of VidIQ subscriptions (if you purchase an annual subscription):

  • Free VidIQ basic plan: Free
  • VidIQ Pro plan: Starting at $7.50 per month
  • VidIQ Boost plan: Starting at $39 per month
  • VidIQ Boost+ plan: Starting at $415 per month
what is the pricing of VidIQ

We have a separate guide on VidIQ pricing, so make sure to check that out if you want to get more details on that.

How you can get VidIQ for free?

As we have explained above, you can start using VidIQ for free.

However, even if you pay for the monthly subscription of VidIQ Pro or VidIQ Boost, we believe you can practically use it for free or make your money back and get a great return if you use the VidIQ tools and features to maximize your YouTube views.

If you want to learn more about VidIQ features and how to leverage this tool to grow your YouTube channel, check out these tutorials:

  • How to use VidIQ to get more views?
  • How to do keyword research with VidIQ?

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