How To View Facebook Page As Visitor? [in 2023]]

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A great feature you have on a Facebook page is that you can view your Facebook page as a regular visitor. This is a great feature as you can get a better idea how your Facebook page looks like for the public.

If you prefer a video tutorial, check out this one on how to view a Facebook page as a visitor:

How to view Facebook page as a visitor?

To see what your Page looks like to visitors:

  1. Open up the Facebook page
  2. Search for the small profile picture of your Facebook page
  3. Click on the picture
  4. Click on your profile icon to interact with your FB page as a visitor.
  5. Now you can view your Facebook page as a visitor.

view Facebook page as a visitor

This is beneficial to do sometimes as this way you can see what a regular visitor can see on your Facebook page. If you are an admin of a Facebook business page, you will see all the features, buttons, etc that are necessary for managing the Facebook page.

If you view your Facebook page with your personal profile you won’t see these buttons, additional features and you can get a better understanding of how a standard user sees your Facebook page.

Check Facebook page as a logged-out user

The second thing you can do is to check how your Facebook page looks like for people who are not signed in to Facebook or who don’t have a Facebook profile.

The easiest way to check this is by:

  1. Copying the URL of your Facebook page
  2. Opening a new incognito window where you are not signed in to Facebook
  3. Paste the copied URL and now you can see how your Facebook looks like for the public if they are not signed in to Facebook

Facebook Page As Visitor feature missing

Facebook has changed up the user interface, so it is not as evident as it used to be how you can view a Facebook business page as a visitor.

missing view facebook page as visitor

You used to be able to click on the three dots under your Facebook cover photo and select the View Page as Visitor option but currently, it is missing from the Facebook page. Check out above how you can currently view your Facebook page as the public.

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