Welcome To My Facebook Page Post: How-To & Templates [in 2022]

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One of the best ways to increase the number of Facebook page followers is to convert them more effectively when they visit your Facebook page for the first time. You can increase this conversion rate with a great Welcome to my Facebook page type of post.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a Welcome post on a Facebook page and share with you ideas and a ready-to-use template to take maximum advantage of your Facebook page welcome post.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What are welcome posts on Facebook pages?

Welcome posts on Facebook posts are posts that you create specifically for people who didn’t like your Facebook page yet and are not following you.

As a lot of Facebook users are checking out a Facebook page before they would follow it, it is crucial to have a welcome post on the top of your Facebook page where you can convince them to follow you.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a separate Facebook page feature that lets you create a ‘Welcome to my page Facebook page’ type post.  This is not the case for Facebook Groups where you can create welcome posts very easily.

If you want to know more about Facebook group welcome posts, check out our guide on it:

However, you can still create a welcome post on Facebook pages, as you can pin a post on the Facebook page that can work as a welcome post.

How to write a welcome post for a Facebook page?

So here is how to create a Facebook page welcome post:

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. Click on ‘Create Post’
  3. Write an effective welcome post (see ideas below)
  4. Click on ‘Post’.
  5. Go to the post you have just published and Click on the three dots.pin a post as a Facebook page welcome post
  6. Select ‘Pin to top of page’

Going through this process, the pinned post will welcome new Facebook page visitors and you can get the best out

By the way, you can learn more about pinning a Facebook page post here:

Here you can see another approach, where the admin basically messages the followers of the Facebook page:

Welcome to my Facebook page post ideas

If you want your Facebook page welcome posts to convert visitors to Facebook page followers, here are some ideas you should use to be able to write a well-converting welcome post:

1.      Welcome the Facebook page visitor

First, of course, welcome the new Facebook page visitor, but keep it short. So start your welcome post with something like:

‘Welcome to the XYZ Facebook page, ‘ but then right away:

2.      Ask for the following. And ask for it at least twice

Ask for the Facebook page visitor to like/follow the Facebook page right at the beginning the post.

If you have a longer welcome to my Facebook page post, then also add the ‘follow us’ call to action at the end of the post

3.      Give some reasons why they should follow your Facebook page

Give some reasons why it is worth following your Facebook page. Keep it short, but make it convincing. Some ideas:

  • you share some exclusive content only on the Facebook page
  • get discounts that are not promoted anywhere else
  • get new product updates

4.      Use a picture or a gif

The easiest way to make the welcome post stand out is to add a picture or gif that is eye-catching. You can also add text to the picture where you highlight the message of the welcome post.

5.      Format the posts

Format the welcome post the right way. You should add some space between sentences, bold the most sentences and also strive to write shorter sentences.

6.      Use a Welcome post template

Last but least, you can also use the welcome post template we shared below.

Welcome to my Facebook page post template

Here is a Welcome to my Facebook page post template that you can use and customize for your own Facebook page:

Welcome to [your Page name]! Follow us to get exclusive content we don’t share anywhere else.

  • reason 1
  • reason 2
  • reason 2

Thanks for visiting [Page name] and hit that follow button to never miss out on these exclusive [content]. Cheers!

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