How To Add Call Button To Instagram Bio? [In 2022]

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Do you want to get more calls from Instagram? Then you have to make sure that your Call button is visible on your Instagram bio.

add call button to your Instagram bio

In this short Instagram bio setup tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a Call button to your Instagram bio so you can drive more calls from your Instagram marketing.

What are the requirements for the Call button to appear on Instagram?

Before we would show you the actual process you need three things if you want a Call button to show up:

1.      Convert a personal Instagram account to a Business account

You can only add the Call button if you have a professional Instagram account. You will get many additional features with an Instagram Business account so it is worth switching anyway if you are using Instagram for business purposes. If you haven’t converted your Insta account yet, then here is a tutorial on how you can do that:

2.     Add your phone number to the Contact info section

The second one is quite obvious, you need to add your phone number so people can call you.

3.      Remove any other contact information besides

The third one is very important and is the tricky part of the process. You have to remove all the other contact information from your Instagram account. Otherwise, Instagram will display a general ‘Contact’ button instead of the ‘Call’ button.

How to add the Call button to your Instagram bio?

Here is how to add Call button to your Instagram bio:

  1. Open up the Instagram account
  2. Tap on ‘Edit profile’edit Instagram profile
  3. Tap on ‘Contact Options’contact options on instagram
  4. Add your phone number here.
  5. Choose the Call option.add call button to Instagram bio
  6. Remove all other contact information.

Call button doesn’t show up on Instagram bio

If your Call button doesn’t show up on your Instagram then check again if only your phone number is added to your Contact Options section.

The second thing you have to check if your Contact info is set to be displayed or hidden. You can check this by going to ‘Profile Display’ options. You can also unhide or hide the Call or any other Contact button you have set up.

display contact info on instagram

Other buttons you can add to your Instagram bio

Besides the Call button, you can also add:

FAQ – How to put Call button to Instagram bio?

How to add phone number to Instagram?

You can add your phone number to Instagram by clicking on the ‘Edit profile’ button on your bio and then you tap on ‘Contact option’ on the bottom.

How to get more call conversions from your Instagram Marketing?

The best way to get more calls is to add the Call button to your Instagram bio. If you want to get even more call, you should even write directly in your bio urging people to tap on the Call button to talk to you/to your colleagues directly.

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