How To Add Text Button To Your Instagram Profile? [in 2021]

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You must add the Text button to your Instagram bio if you want more potential customers to text you from Instagram. In this quick tutorial, we are going to show you the trick of how you can add the ‘Text’ button to your Instagram bio.

Things necessary for the Text button to appear on Instagram

1.      Instagram professional account

First, you need to have a professional Instagram account. You won’t be able to add a Text button to your Instagram bio if you have a personal Instagram account. If you haven’t switched to an Insta business account, here you can find a tutorial on how you can do that:

2.      Add a phone number and choose Text as the preferred option.

Next thing you need is to add a phone number that you want people to contact you via text. You also have to choose ‘Text’ as the preferred version.

3.      Remove both Email and Business Address

Last but not least, you have to remove both the business email address and the physical address from the Contact Options. If you add any of these contact options then instead of the Text button, Instagram will display a Contact button on your Instagram bio.

How to add Call button to your Instagram bio?

So here is how to add a Text button to your Instagram bio:

  1. Open up the Instagram profile
  2. Tap on ‘Edit profile’edit Instagram profile
  3. Tap on ‘Contact Options’tap on contact options on Instagram profile
  4. Add your business phone here
  5. Choose the Text option.choose text as preferred contact option
  6. Remove both the business email and the physical address if you have added them before.

If the Text button doesn’t show up on your Instagram profile

If the Text button doesn’t show up on your Instagram bio, then you should check the following two things:

  1. Make sure that you have only added your phone number. If you have added either your email address or your business address then Instagram will display a ‘Contact’ button instead of the ‘Email’ button.
  2. Make sure you turned on the Display Contact info under the Profile Display section.display contact info on instagram

Other Contact buttons you can add to your IG bio

Keep in mind that you can also add other contact buttons to your Insta bio but only one of these at once:

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