Ezoic Pricing: How Much Does Ezoic Really Cost? [In 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Ezoic pricing can be a bit confusing if you have just been introduced to Ezoic.

So in this Ezoic article, we will explain the most important things you should know about the prices of various Ezoic services and tools so you will understand it more clearly how much does Ezoic cost.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Ezoic Pricing – Standard monetization features

So before we would dive deep into the details, I just want to give you a quick overview of the pricing of Ezoic services.

First, there are the standard Ezoic monetization features that you should be able to use for basically free.

is ezoic free to use

Of course, they are just kind of free as Ezoic as other ad networks work on a revenue share model, so you don’t have to pay from out of your pocket to be able to monetize via Ezoic but you pay for the service by not getting 100% of all display ad revenue.

So, you can pay for Ezoic monetization features by sharing 10% of your display ad revenue or they can also take the full revenue of one ad placement of a page load.

This is pretty good as for instance Google AdSense takes 32% of your display ad revenue in a similar revenue share model.

By the way, there is also a 30-day Ezoic free trial so you can try and test Ezoic without any commitment whatsoever.

Sign up for Ezoic free trial by clicking here!

Ezoic Pro price

If you are not monetizing your website via Ezoic yet, you can also take advantage of certain not-monetization related features like UX, Traffic and Audience Growth features.

If you want to use these Ezoic features, you have to purchase an Ezoic Pro subscription.

The price of an Ezoic Pro subscription is $5.99 per month but you can also purchase an annual Ezoic Pro subscription for $49.99.

Ezoic Premium costs

Ezoic Premium has a slightly more complicated pricing structure, but no worries, we will explain the gist of it.

There are three Ezoic pricing factors that will influence how much you have to pay for Ezoic to be able to join the Ezoic Premium program.

The first pricing factor is your traffic level. If you have more traffic, you will be able to make more with Premium, but you also have to purchase

Secondly, you can select between three premium levels: Basic, Preferred and Elite. They will have different monthly prices, Elite being the most expensive, but Ezoic should also bring you the most Premium revenue so in most cases, you should always select the Elite level.

Ezoic Pricing

Last but not least, you can pay for Premium with a monthly contract or with an annual commitment. If you commit for annual commitment, you will have to pay less per month.

Whether you are on an annual or monthly contract, you have to pay a monthly fee for Ezoic Premium

So the main difference between an annual vs a monthly contract is that if you want to cancel your annual Premium contract, you have to pay Ezoic a significant cancellation fee.

If you want to get a more detailed explanation of Ezoic Premium pricing and the specific pricing levels, and see if it Ezoic Premium is worth it, check out these Ezoic tutorials:

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Is Ezoic free to use?

We have written a separate article on how you might be able to use Ezoic for free, that you can check out here:

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