Ezoic vs AdSense: Which is Better To Make More Money? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you want to make money via display ads on your website, Ezoic and AdSense are one of the best ways to do so. But which one should you join? Is Ezoic better than AdSense? Find out from this Ezoic vs AdSense comparison article.

In this display ad network comparison, we will also compare the most important features and aspects of both popular ad networks so you can more easily decide whether you should AdSense or Ezoic.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Ezoic vs AdSense: Which One Is Better?

If you don’t have time to read our full comparison, here is the short answer:

In 99% of the cases, you will make more money with Ezoic than with AdSense. Besides making more money, you can also take advantage of the many features for free that you can use to save money or scale your business even more.

What’s more, with Ezoic, you can use leverage their AdSense meditation feature, so both Ezoic and AdSense can bid on your ad placements so basically, you can guarantee to maximize your ad revenue in every ad placement.

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Now, let’s compare Ezoic and Google AdSense in the most important aspects of advertising networks.

Ezoic vs Google AdSense: Potential RPM

When it comes to potential revenue per thousand visitors (RPM), based on our own experience and of many public case studies, you should be able to make more with Ezoic than with Google AdSense.

If you join Ezoic, you are going to be able to join Google AdX which is a real-time bidding platform for multiple ad networks. And more competition for your ad placements will mean higher revenue per thousand visitors which will mean higher display ad revenue for your site.

Also via Ezoic Ad Tester, Ezoic machine learning algorithm will constantly test all your ad placements, ad location, ad sizes to find the most optimized way to make the most money out of one website visit so your display revenue should gradually grow even if you don’t grow your website traffic.

Ezoic vs Google AdSense: Setup

In terms of setup, Google AdSense might be easier to set up as you need to only add a piece of code into the head section of your website.

If you don’t really care about where AdSense ads appear on your page, then all you have to do is turn on Google AdSense auto ads, so you don’t have to deal with setting up ad placeholders.

Ezoic display ads can be more difficult to set up compared to Google AdSense, however, if you have any issues with the setup, you can get expert help from Ezoic Support.

Once you have integrated your website with Ezoic, you can use the WordPress plugin to quickly set up ad placeholders without using their Chrome Extension.

If you have issues with your Google AdSense setup, besides Google AdSense tutorials, the official AdSense help section and forums you are not going to be able to get any help from Google so keep this mind.

Google AdSense vs Ezoic: Minimum traffic & Requirements

In terms of minimum traffic and other requirements you need to meet to be able to join the platforms, Ezoic vs AdSense are pretty much the same.

Ezoic used to have a minimum traffic requirement of 10,000 monthly visits, but they now also allow sites to apply with less than 10 thousand monthly visits.

So there are not any hard requirements to join either Ezoic or Google AdSense if you have good content (they don’t even have to be that high-quality, to be honest), then you should be able to join both Ezoic and Google AdSense.

To learn more about specific requirements you need to meet, check out these guides:

  • Google AdSense Requirements
  • Ezoic Requirements
  • How to get approved for Google AdSense
  • How to get approved for Ezoic?

Google AdSense vs Ezoic: Support

You should not only get support help from Ezoic when you have issues with setting up your ads, but also if you have any other issues, questions or you need advice on how to grow your income evn more.

Ezoic also has weekly webinars with experts who cover various topics related to Ezoic products and features, content marketing, publishing, ad networks, optimization, SEO, social media, basically anything that can be useful for content publishers.

If you join Ezoic Premium, you will also have a dedicated account manager who can regularly audit your website, optimize your Ezoic settings, suggest improvements and help with any issues you have.

As we have mentioned previously, you won’t get dedicated support from Google, so you are stuck with their help section, forums and non-official tutorials.

Google AdSense or Ezoic: Speed

Before sharing whether AdSense or Ezoic is better in terms of website page speed and Core Web Vitals, first, let’s make it clear:

if you want to serve display ads on your website, it will have a negative effect on the website page speed as loading display ads will require additional resources.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept low page speed or failing core web vitals score because of display ads.

So, let’s start with AdSense: As AdSense is a Google product it would be a shame if their ads would slow down your website too much so because of this if your website doesn’t have big issues without ads, it should have huge issues if you serve Google AdSense display ads as well.

Although Ezoic is not owned by Google, they also put a huge emphasis on speed optimization, they have a dedicated product called Ezoic Leap that you can use to optimize page speed and user experience.

If you set up Ezoic Leap and Ezoic caching the right way, you should be able to also get a good page speed and pass Core Web Vitals, as you can see on the below screenshot from one of our websites on Ezoic:

AdSense vs Ezoic: Analytics Reports

In terms of analytics and revenue reports, both of them are pretty good, but we think Ezoic ad platform is better then Google AdSense in this regard.

With Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics reports, you get basically a Google Analytics-like product with a lot of potential insights on how your content performs in terms of revenue and user experience.

Although you can also link Google AdSense with Google Analytics, there is way more insights you can gain from analyzing Ezoic Big Data Analytics reports.

Google AdSense vs Ezoic: revenue growth opportunities

In terms of growing your display ad revenue besides growing your number of website visits you get, Ezoic is the clear winner.

They have multiple features and products that help you grow your RPM/EPMV. These products include:

Ezoic video player

If you want to host your videos on your website, Ezoic also enables you to do that.

The great thing about Ezoic video player is that you can also add Ezoic video ads to the video player and make money on your videos without being eligible for YouTube Partner Program

Ezoic Premium

Ezoic Premium is an invite-only program for Ezoic publishers that allows you to make more money with display ads, access premium features and get premium support from Ezoic experts.

Unlike other Ezoic features, Premium has a monthly subscription cost but usually they guarantee that you will be able to make a return on your monthly Premium subscription costs.

Ezoic Mediation

Although as we have just explained, by joining Ezoic, you should be able to make significantly more money than what you have made with AdSense.

However, Ezoic also has a mediation feature that allows you to connect other ad networks like AdSense to Ezoic and let them compete on your ad placements.

This means that if AdSense would pay more for an ad placement than Ezoic’s ad network then they will win the auction and they will pay more for that specific placement.

Ezoic or AdSense: other helpful features for publishers

Google AdSense is just a basic ad network that you can join, they don’t really provide other features to publishers.

On the other hand, Ezoic is not just ad network, it is also a technology platform that provides publishers many complementary features that can help them scale their content production or save money. These features and tools include:

  • Ezoic Leap
  • Free WordPress hosting
  • Ezoic’s Caching plugin
  • Ezoic CDN
  • Ezoic Premium
  • etc.

When should you choose Google AdSense over Ezoic?

Summing up the Google AdSense vs Ezoic comparison, Ezoic should be your choice if your number one goal is to make more money with your display ads.

However, if display ad is only a tine percentage of your website revenue, and you don’t have the time to deal with setting up ads, Google Ad

Also, Ezoic might be less likely to accept your website if you don’t have informational content on the site.

So if your website is a bunch of free tools, it is not 100% sure that Ezoic will allow you to join their platform.

Google AdSense is not that strict in this regard so even if you have a no-content website, but you get a lot of real traffic, you should be able to get approved to join Google AdSense.

Is Ezoic better than Google AdSense?

To sum up, yes, Ezoic is better than AdSense for 99% of online content publishers.

You should be able to make more money by joining Ezoic instead of staying with Google AdSense, and you also get the benefits of other Ezoic features and support that can also save you operation costs.

If you want to apply for Ezoic, you can sign up using this link:

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