Facebook New Page Experience – How To Switch? [in 2024]

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Facebook forced you to use the Facebook’s New Page Experience and are you lost on how to use it and what has changed? Do not worry, in this tutorial we are going to explain the most important things you have to know about Facebook New Page Experience.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on the new page experience on Facebook, check out this one:

If you want to know how to switch to a new Facebook page experience, check out this one:

What is New Page Experience on Facebook?

Facebook New page experience is the new layout of Facebook pages that also have a little different and new functionalities you didn’t have with classic Facebook pages.

These New Page Experience functionalities include:

  • easier ways to switch between your personal Facebook profile and public Facebook pages
  • Facebook page news feed: You will have a separate newsfeed for your Facebook page
  • Facebook page management has also changed as we will show you later.
  • new simplified Facebook page insights

We will go deeper into more details in the second half of this tutorial, but first:

How to switch to the New Page Experience on Facebook?

Based on my experience, you don’t really have an option to switch to new Facebook Page experience. Facebook is migrating Facebook business pages gradually to this new Facebook page layout.

So it seems to be completely random when you will get migrated to this new Facebook page experience.

When you do, you will get some kind of notification like this:

Facebook New pages Experience change popup

You can also check out this tutorial on how you can switch to the new page experience on Facebook:

As you can see, Facebook notified me that this Facebook page will be switched to the new Facebook page experience in 3 days. You don’t really have any option to cancel or delay this migration.

However, you can switch back to the classic Facebook page experience as we will explain later.

Facebook new page experience switch – Update in 2022

If you have switched back to a classic Facebook page from the new Facebook page experience, then you will be able to update your Facebook page again to the new Facebook page experience.

On my Facebook page, I can see the following section: “Try a new Page experience”:

try a new pages experience

To upgrade my Facebook page again to the classic Facebook page, I had to click on ‘get started’ and I could be switched again to the new Facebook page experience.

What has changed with Facebook’s New Page Experience?

Let’s see what has changed with the new Facebook page experience:

changes to new page experience on Facebook

Facebook page news feed on New Page Experience

Facebook business pages will get a completely new Facebook news feed that will be completely separate from the news feed of your Facebook profile.

Here you will be able to follow Facebook pages or your profile that are relevant or useful for your Facebook page. Everyone who has access to the Facebook page, will see this separate news feed.

Facebook page roles disappearing with New Page Experience

Another bigger change you will most likely see with the new page experience on Facebook is that Facebook has basically deprecated the Facebook page roles. Instead of roles, you will be able to set up task access levels.

So if you had people on your classic Facebook page with the editor, moderator, advertiser, etc roles, these will no longer work. So definitely check their current permission and access level after the switch, so you can make sure they have the proper access for their job.

Facebook now showing likes anymore on New Page Experience

Once you switched to the new Facebook page experience, you no longer see how many Facebook user has liked your Facebook page. You will only see Facebook page followers.

Until now, there was some difference between following a Facebook page vs liking a Facebook page, but from now on with the new Facebook page experience users will only be able to follow a Facebook page. Also, all Facebook page likes have been converted to Facebook page followings.

Redesigned Facebook page layout on New Page Experience

As you can see, the layout of the Facebook page has also changed significantly with Facebook’s New Page Experience. Unfortunately, this seems to be a fixed change so Facebook is not likely to change this new Facebook page design.

new Facebook page layout and design - Facebook professional dashboard

More actionable insights

Facebook also promises that they will get us more actionable Facebook page insights. Well, we’ll see.

Let us know if you want to more about the functionality of this new page experience on Facebook.

What features did I lose with the new page experience on Facebook?

There are some features that unfortunately will no longer work with the new Facebook page layout. Here are the most important ones:

Manage Facebook page from the mobile browser

One of the most unfortunate development is that you won’t be able to manage your Facebook page from a mobile browser with the new Facebook page experience, only from desktop or from the Facebook mobile app.

Facebook page roles disappearing with the new Facebook page layout

As we have already explained, you will no longer have Facebook page roles, you can only give task access to Facebook page managers if you have been switched to Facebook new page experience.

Facebook page reviews check-in

This might be temporary, but according to Facebook official documentation, you won’t be able to see Facebook page reviews in the new Facebook page experience. The same is true for Facebook, check-ins and Facebook page templates.

Facebook page likes gone

As we have mentioned, you no longer will see the like count on your new Facebook page experience, only followers count. Learn more about this here: Facebook likes vs follows

How to switch back to a classic Facebook page from new Facebook page experience?

If you really don’t like the layout of the new Facebook page experience, currently you can still switch back to classic Facebook page with the classic Facebook page layout and functionality you most likely got used to.

Here you can find a step by step tutorial on how to do it:

Frequently Asked Questions: New Page Experience Facebook

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the new Page Experience on Facebook:

Switch to New Page Experience on Facebook not showing up, why?

You can’t switch to the Facebook new pages experience only if Facebook has started the process for you. You have no choice but to wait for Facebook to convert your classic page to the new page experience.

What is the new Page experience on Facebook?

The new Page experience is a way for you to manage your professional presence on Facebook. It can help you build your brand or business, grow your audience and connect with followers.

What features will I have access to with a new Page?

You will have access to a redesigned Page layout, easy switching and navigation between a public-facing Page and an individual profile, seamless interactions with other public figures, brands and people, actionable insights, updated Page Management tools, and the ability to manage the Page from all platform tools.

Will I lose access to features or tools from my classic Page?

You will not lose access to Page likes and followers, scheduled posts, or business features such as jobs, appointments, offers and Facebook Page Shop. However, classic Page roles such as moderator and editors will not be available at this time.

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