Facebook Page Roles Explained in [2022]

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In order to run a Facebook page successfully, you have to understand what Facebook Pages Roles are, why they are important and how to use roles on Facebook pages to grant the right access level to everyone who is managing your Facebook page.

We are also going to cover in the Facebook page management tutorial:

  • what are the different Facebook page roles that you can choose from
  • how these Facebook page roles differ from each other
  • Where you can find the Facebook page roles feature on a FB page
  • Managing Facebook page roles

What are the Facebook page roles and why you should care?

If you are a Facebook page admin you can assign Facebook Page Roles on classic Facebook pages to people who you add to the Facebook page. This is an important feature as with Facebook page roles you can have full control over what these people can and can’t do on the page.

As a Facebook admin, you can change the page role of a specific person anytime you want or you can also remove the Facebook page role he or she has.

Different Facebook page roles on Facebook

Currently, with classic Facebook pages you can assign the following Facebook page roles:

Facebook page admins can basically do anything with the Facebook page and they are the only ones who can assing and remove Facebook page roles. Facebook page analysts have the most limited access to the Facebook page.

Facebook page roles compared

If you are about to add someone to your Facebook page, check out the table below to see what Facebook page would be the most ideal for the specific person:

Manage Page roles and settings
Edit the Page and add apps
Create and delete posts as the Page
Send messages as the Page
Respond to and delete comments and posts to the Page
Remove and ban people from the Page
Create ads, promotions or boosted posts
View insights
View Page Quality tab
See who published as the Page
Publish and manage jobs
Turn on job features for a post

Page roles changed to Page Access on the new Facebook pages

Facebook page roles have changed a little bit with the introduction of the new Facebook page experience.

From now on, if you are using the new Facebook page, instead of assigning Facebook page roles, you will be able to Facebook access or task access to people on your Facebook page. Here is how the Facebook page roles have changed from the classic page experience:

Classic Page RolesPage Access in the New Pages Experience
AdminFacebook access with full control
EditorFacebook access with partial control
ModeratorTask access for Message Replies, Community Activity, Ads, Insights
AdvertiserTask access for Ads, Insights
AnalystTask access for Insights

Adding and changing Facebook page roles

We have a comprehensive tutorial on how you can add and change Facebook page roles with the classic Facebook pages. You can check the tutorial here:

  • How to manage Facebook page roles

Or you can also check out this video tutorial on how to assign Facebook page roles:

Keep in mind that managing page roles is one of the most important tasks of a Facebook page admin. Before assigning a FB page role or changing a Page role, check if you are okay with the responsibility level the FB marketer can have.

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