Facebook Page Templates & Why They Might Be Missing? [in 2022]

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If you want to customize your Facebook page, it is good to know that are so-called Facebook Page Templates that make the business page more customized for your type of business.

In this Facebook page setup guide, we are going to explain what Facebook page templates are good for and how to change your current Facebook page template.

We are also going to explain why you might not see the new Facebook page template feature on your Facebook page.

What is a Facebook page template?

Facebook page templates are Facebook page layout options that enable you to customize your Facebook page that fits your business the most.

Although every Facebook page template has default Facebook CTA buttons and Facebook page tabs, you can also change the Facebook page tabs and CTA buttons of your Facebook page template. So Facebook page templates don’t have fixed tabs and buttons, they can be easily customized.

List of Facebook page templates

Currently here are the 10 Facebook page templates, you can choose:

  1. Standard Facebook template
  2. Business Facebook template
  3. Venues Facebook template
  4. Politicians Facebook template
  5. Services Facebook template
  6. Public Figures Facebook template
  7. Restaurants and Cafes template
  8. Shopping Facebook template
  9. Video page Facebook template
  10. Nonprofit Facebook template

Let’s go over these Facebook page templates briefly one by one.

Standard Facebook page template

If you have no idea which Facebook page template you should choose, select the ‘Standard’ page template.

Standard Facebook page template

If you choose the Standard Facebook template, the Jobs and Offers tab will be hidden from your Facebook page and the default order of the tabs will look like in the picture above.

Business Facebook page template

If you are running a business, but no specific Facebook page template suits you, then you should choose the business Facebook page template type.

Business Facebook page template

Restaurants and Cafes Facebook page template

If you are running a restaurant, a pub, or a café then the Facebook Restaurants and Café page template is a must.

Restaurant and café Facebook page template

When you choose the Restaurants and Cafes Facebook page template, you will be able to add a menu to the Facebook page easily.

Venues Facebook page template

If you are running a venue that is not a restaurant or a café, then the Venues Facebook page template is the best choice for you.

Venues Facebook page template

Politician Facebook page template

If you are a politician or running the Facebook page of a politician then changing the Facebook page template to the Politician template makes the most sense.

politicians facebook page template

If you choose this Facebook page template, the Groups , Reviews, Jobs, Offers tabs will be hidden from the Facebook page.

Services Facebook page template

If your business is selling some kind of Services, then definitely use the Services tab.

services Facebook page tab

If you switch the Services Facebook page template, the Services Facebook page tab will be turned on by default.

Nonprofit Facebook page template

If you are running a non-profit organization, then your Facebook page template should be definitely changed to the Nonprofit Facebook page template.

nonprofit Facebook page template

When you switch to this Facebook page template, it will change your existing CTA button to the ‘Donate’ button to the Facebook page so it will make it way easier for users to donate to your nonprofit.

Public Figures Facebook page template

If you are an influencer, then the right Facebook page template you should choose is the Public Figure Facebook page template.

public figure facebook page template

It will turn off some non-relevant Facebook page tabs like Jobs, Offers or Reviews.

Shopping Facebook page template

If you are running an e-commerce website or selling products on Facebook, then the Shopping page template is the ideal template for you.

Shopping Facebook page template

The Shop Facebook page tab will be automatically visible on your Facebook page home page.

Video Facebook page template

If your Facebook page is mostly focused on sharing quality Facebook videos, then you can also choose the Video Facebook page template.

The Video, Live, Groups and Shop tab will become visible on your Facebook page.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on Facebook page templates, check out this great tutorial:

How to change a Facebook page template?

Here is how to change your Facebook page template:

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the left column.
  3. Click on ‘Templates and Tabs’Facebook page Templates and Tabs
  4. Under the ‘Templates’ section, click on ‘Edit’.edit Facebook page template
  5. Select the Facebook page template you want to use
  6. Click on ‘Apply template’.

Now your Facebook page should be switched to this new Facebook page template.

You should still be able to customize this Facebook template and add or remove Facebook page tabs on the page.

Keep in mind also that when you change a Facebook page template, it might remove existing features from your Facebook page. So for instance, if you switch to any Facebook page template from a Restaurant template, then the Menu button and the menu might disappear from your Facebook page.

Can’t change Facebook page template

The first issue that might prevent you from changing the Facebook page template is related to Facebook roles.

If you are not a Facebook page admin, you can’t change the Facebook page template the page is currently using. In this case, you have to either send this tutorial to the administrator or ask for admin access on this Facebook page.

The second issue is related to the new Facebook page experience where Facebook page templates are completely missing.

Facebook page templates missing

If you can’t change your Facebook page template, although you are a Facebook page admin, it probably means that you are on the new Facebook page experience.

You can’t really do anything with this right now, your only option is to switch back to classic Facebook page. You can find a tutorial about that here:

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