How To Find LinkedIn Company ID? [in 2022]

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In this LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to show you how to find a LinkedIn company ID.

If you haven’t created your LinkedIn company page yet, here is a great video tutorial on it:

What is LinkedIn Company ID?

The LinkedIn company ID is the unique identification number that you will use when you want to link your company to your LinkedIn profile or posts.

It allows you to associate directly with your company’s profile. For instance, you can navigate through an organization with just one tap using a company ID.

Usually, you’ll see an organization’s company ID within its LinkedIn URL. You’ll see this as a set of 6- to 9-digit numbers. When you link this to your post, the viewer may access your organization’s profile to know more about your career development.

How to find LinkedIn Company ID?

At first, you may have some trouble browsing through your LinkedIn app, but finding a LinkedIn company page ID is easy.

You only need to find your company’s URL. But for starters, it may still be puzzling to find LinkedIn page URL. Here’s an easy guide on how to find LinkedIn company ID:

First, you need to open your LinkedIn account on your desktop. If you don’t have one yet, sign up to LinkedIn through its official website. After that, search for your company. Make sure that your company has its own LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you can’t link your post to your organization.

Next, navigate through the search results page. You don’t need to click on the company profile or any jobs offered by your organization. You only need to click the word “Jobs” at the top of the page.

Now, select See All Jobs. After that, pay attention to the link you see on top. You’ll see a set of characters and find the series of numbers. The numbers should only consist of 6 to 9 characters. It’s usually in the middle of the link, preceded by the “C=” or “/company/.”

Copy those numbers because that’s precisely your company ID. You may also keep a copy of that on your personal notes for future use.

Can’t look up LinkedIn Company ID?

If you’re having some trouble finding your company ID within the search link, you may need to take a closer look. The company ID is usually a set of consecutive numbers, and it’s 6 to 9 digits only.

However, there may be times when you may get confused between multiple series of numbers within the URL. Take note that the company ID is usually in the middle of the URL, so choose the one in the middle.

You may also try other methods to find the LinkedIn company ID. First, you can browse through your company name on the search result. Under that, you’ll see a dropdown where you can also see and copy a LinkedIn company ID.

Other information related to the LinkedIn Company ID

You’re probably wondering what’s the use of the LinkedIn company ID. You can use it to upgrade your professional profile on LinkedIn. Yes, aside from associating it to your LinkedIn post, you can also add your company ID to your LinkedIn profile.

To do that, you only need to open your LinkedIn dashboard. Go to Preferences, then click Manage Account. After that, you’ll see a series of social media accounts to add to your LinkedIn page. At the bottom part, you’ll see a section for a LinkedIn Company ID. That’s where you should paste the ID you obtained.

After you input your LinkedIn company on your profile, you can now see your job position in your LinkedIn profile. The ID should be able to list your job automatically within a day. Your profile should also connect automatically to your organization.

You may also generate your own company’s ID. You first need to create a LinkedIn company page for your organization to do that. Then, set up your company page by filling out the necessary information such as your company name, type, etc. After that, you’ll be given an auto-generated ID for your company.

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