Instagram Engagement Custom Audience Explained [in 2021]

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If your business has a significant Instagram following, and your Instagram posts and ads are receiving huge engagement, then taking advantage of Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences is a must for you.

In this short but comprehensive guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences, such as:

  • How to create Instagram Engagers Custom Audiences? (shown step by step)
  • Types of Custom Audiences you can create from your Instagram users
  • How you can leverage Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences?
  • Other types of Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences you could try.

At the end of this tutorial, we will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences.

How to create Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences?

It is actually really easy to create Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences as the source of these audiences are recorded by Facebook automatically, so you only need to set up the custom audience to be able to use. It.

Here are the steps you have to go through to create an Instagram Custom Audience:

  1. Open or navigate to the Audiences page of your Facebook Business Manager account.
  2. Click on the button ‘Create Audience’ then ‘Custom Audience’

Create Custom Audience Button in Business Manager

3. In this new window, you will be able to choose the source of your Custom Audience. Click on ‘Instagram business profile’

Create Custom Audience from Instagram Engagement Data

4. First, you can choose between an ALL and ANY condition which will define if the Instagram custom audience you are creating will include all the audiences you list or just those people who meet all of the criteria you specify.

Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences

5. Then you have to choose the Instagram page you want to be the basis of the custom audience. This is important if you have more than one Instagram page connected to your Facebook Business Manager

6. Next, apply the conditions that will segment your Instagram Custom Audience. (see the next section for what options you have and what they mean)

7. Specify how many days you want users to stay in your audience. You can keep the users in the Custom Audience up to 365 days. (of course, if a user engages in a certain way again, he or she will stay longer in the audience.)

8. You can also add more Include or Exclude conditions if you wish to do so. But don’t forget you can really limit your audience site if you have set the upper condition to ALL.

9. Add a descriptive name to your Instagram Custom Audience and you can also provide a description optimally if you want to do so.

10. Double-check if you applied the right criteria to your Instagram Custom Audience, then click on ‘Create’.

Types of Instagram Engagement Custom Audiences

The most important part of creating your Instagram Custom Audience is defining the right conditions. You have the following options to choose from when you define Custom Audiences from Instagram page engagers:

  • Every person who engaged with your Instagram page. (this includes anyone who visited your IG profile, engaged with your organic posts or ads, either on your profile or on their own feed)

You can be also more targeted and create Instagram Custom Audiences that will include:

  • People who visited your Instagram profile (only works with Business profiles)
  • People who engaged with any of your Instagram post or ad. (this includes any  interaction a user can take: likes, comments, saves, carousel swipes, tapping call to action buttons, or sharing posts using Instagram DMs)
  • Users who sent a message to your Instagram business profile
  • People who saved any of your Instagram posts or ads

As we mentioned, you can freely combine multiple of these conditions with AND and OR operators. 

You cannot create a Custom Audience from people who engaged with only a specific Instagram advertisement or IG post.

How to take advantage of Instagram engagement Custom Audiences?

As we said, you should definitely use these Instagram custom audiences if you are really active on Instagram or even if you have only one IG post that got really popular and received a ton of engagements. 

By using these Custom Audiences, you can try to run retargeting campaigns or looking for similar users with Lookalike Audiences.

Retarget your engaged Instagram users

It is fairly easy to retarget Instagram engaged users once you created a Custom Audience from them. All you have to do is add the Instagram Engagement Custom Audience at the ad set level targeting section of the Facebook ads campaign creation process.

Let’s go over a practical example so that you can see how you can leverage Instagram retargeting audiences the right way. 

Let’s say one of your Instagram posts that was related to your product but didn’t have a conversion focus has gone viral, getting tens of thousands of engagements when your average IG post is getting less than a hundred.

In this case, we would create the Instagram Custom Audience as we have shown above, and then create a conversion focused creative with the product and only target this custom audience. We should definitely connect the new ad creative in its messaging back to our viral post, so people can make the connection with the viral post and are more likely to take action and convert on our offer.

Create Lookalike Audiences from people who engaged with your Instagram page or post

If retargeting these Instagram Engagers results in a high ROAS, you can also try to create Lookalike Audiences from them and find new Instagram users who are likely to engage with your content on Instagram.

If you don’t know how Lookalike Audiences (LAA) work and how to create these types of LAAs, you can check out our article on them:

The official name of LAA is Facebook Lookalike Audience, but of course, it works with Instagram users the same way.

Other Engagement Custom Audiences to take advantage of

As you can see, creating a custom audience from your Instagram engagement data can be somewhat useful for some Facebook and Instagram advertisers and somewhat useful for most Facebook ad buyers.

Engagement Custom Audiences are one of the most underutilized types of Facebook Custom Audiences. If you want to learn more about them and how you can set them up, you can check out the articles below:

Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Audiences from Engaged Instagram Users

Can you retarget your Instagram fans/followers?

Well, you can’t retarget all people who follow your instagram page. You can only retarget people who visited or engaged with one of your Instagram post or ad. So it is different with Facebook where you can retarget only your Facebook page fans and followers. You can’t do that exactly with Instagram but can do something very similar.

Can you create Instagram Custom Audiences?

Yes, you can create Custom Audiences from People who engaged with your Instagram page or any of your posts. Although the official term is not Instagram Custom Audience but Facebook Custom Audience created from Instagram Engagement.

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