How To Create Facebook Business Manager Accounts? [in 2022]

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In this short guide, we are going to show you step by step how to create Facebook Business Manager accounts, so we will explain:

  • How to set up a FB Business Manager?
  • Why and when should you create a Facebook Business Manager account?
  • What can you do if you received the following error message: “You have reached the limit for the number of Businesses you can create at this time.”
  • How to edit the name of a Business Manager account?
  • What do you have to do after creating the Facebook BM?

At the end of this tutorial, we will also answer some of the frequently asked questions related to Facebook Business Manager.

How to create a Facebook Business Manager account?

Here is how to set up a Facebook Business Manager account

  1. Open the link (Sign out if you are signed in.)

Facebook Business Manager

  1. In the upper right corner click on Create Account.

Create Account on Facebook Business Manager

  1. You will have to first log back in to be able to create the account (as you will need to have a Facebook profile to be able to use FB Business Manager)
  2. In the first window, you have to add your Business name, your name, and a business email where you will get the verification email and also official information from Facebook regarding your Facebook BM account

Create your Business Manager Account on Facebook

5. In the next step, you have to add your business address and the URL of your website, then click the “Submit” button

Add Business Address and Website - Facebook BM creation

6. Congrats, your Facebook Business Manager is created.

If you prefer an additional video tutorial on setting up the Facebook Business Manager, check it out here:

Next steps after creating your Facebook BM

Once your Facebook Business Manager is created, you are not done yet, as you still have to do the following:

Check out the links above, if you are interested in all that.

You have reached the limit for the number of Businesses you can create at this time

When creating a new Facebook Business Manager account, I have received the following message: “You have reached the limit for the number of Businesses you can create at this time.” How can you fix this?

Well, first off make sure you really need a new business account. A lot of times, you can create a new FB page or a new ad account in your existing Facebook Business Manager account. You shouldn’t create more than two business accounts in most cases. Just because you have multiple Facebook pages it doesn’t mean you have to create different FB Business Manager accounts.

If you still think that you should be able to create new FB Business Manager accounts, you can contact Facebook support team, and hopefully, they will get back to you and you will be able to create more than 2.

The second option you have is to ask a friend of yours to create the Facebook Business Manager account then he or she will be able to add you as an Admin then you can remove him or her if it is necessary.

When do you have to create a new Business Manager account?

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t have to create separate Facebook Business Managers for separate Facebook Business pages.

You only have to create a new Business Manager, if you have a completely separate business, as it is also a separate legal entity but it is not necessary even in that case.

As you can control from your Business Manager who has access to which Facebook pages, Ad accounts, billing information, you can make sure that everyone is only able to see and access assets that she or he has to have access to.

How to edit the name of your Facebook Business Manager Account?

  1. Go to the Business Manager where you want to change the name of the business
  2. Go to Business settings by clicking on the Setting icon in the upper right corner or navigate to the Business Settings from the menu in the upper left corner

Business Settings in FB Business Manager

3. You can see a sidebar menu on the left, scroll down to Business info and click on it.

4. Here you can edit the information of your Business and the name of your Business account.

Remove a Facebook Business Manager account

The process of deleting a Facebook business Manager is actually the same as editing the name of the Business Manager. But you can check out our tutorial here:

Frequently Asked Questions – Setting up Facebook Business Manager

How many Facebook Business Manager account can you create?

You can create up to two business account yourself. But there is no limitation on how many Facebook Business Manager you can be invited to.

Can you edit the name of your Facebook Business Manager account?

Yes, you can easily do it if you have admin rights by opening the Business info page of your Business Manager and edit the name of your Business.

Facebook doesn’t allow me to create a Facebook Business Manager. Why?

Facebook is limiting the number of Facebook Business Manager accounts you can create. You only can create 2 Business Manager accounts. So you either have to delete another of your Facebook Business Manager account you don’t use anymore or add your new Facebook business pages and ad accounts to an existing Facebook BM account.

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