LinkedIn Followers Analytics Metrics [in 2022]

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One of the features you can utilize as a LinkedIn page admin is LinkedIn followers analytics. The data would allow you to adjust what is in your LinkedIn profile so that you can improve your company page and serve your clients a lot better in the future.

What is LinkedIn Followers Analytics and where to find them?

It is not that hard to find LinkedIn followers analytics as you will immediately notice it when you open your LinkedIn company page. Add that to the fact that you can access a wide variety of features that will analyze your Linkedin followers.

As they say, you would want to look back and find out what you can do better in order to increase your followers or to please the current followers that you have right now.

LinkedIn Followers Analytics Metrics

There are 5 metrics that you can take advantage of with the first being Follower highlights. It shows you how many followers you’ve had since you created the page and the number of followers that has increased in the past month. You will surely find out if you’ve been doing anything right ever since its inception.

All followers are another feature that tells you where the followers currently work if there is one. Another is ‘Companies to track’ where statistics like engagement rates and a number of updates are compared with companies who are in the same industry so you can keep up with them.

One awesome metric would be the Followers Demographics as it includes a chart of the people following your page as they are divided by their seniority, job function, and even where they are from.

Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn Followers Analytics Data and Reports

You can use the ‘Follower Demographics’ metric to know the job position of most of your followers. Once that is out of the way, you can work your way towards pleasing those people even more by offering promotions and other stuff that would please them.

Since you will also know their location, your branch that is nearest to their location can have a sale and you can announce that right on your LinkedIn page.

Once you view the ‘companies to track’ metrics, you are going to be motivated to publish more engaging content in order to keep up with your competitors.

It would only be a matter of time before they recognize your company as a force to be reckoned with. It is indeed possible you just need to do better with your articles in order to keep up with the other companies that are in your industry.

Can’t See LinkedIn Followers Analytics

Only page admins or those who have analyst access can view the LinkedIn follower’s analytics. Thus, if you are not a page admin then you won’t be able to see the analytics. If you think you have the right to do so then you can just request yourself to become a page admin.

If you’ve been in the company for a long time or you think you can do stuff that will elevate the social media status of the company then you have all the right to be a page admin.

After all, the company owners could be keeping the number of page admins to a minimum as too many people might create chaos. However, they can decide if it is for the good of the company’s future or not.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Followers Analytics

You actually have the ability to track who among your followers are the most loyal ones. With this data in mind, you should give these loyal followers some rewards like discounts for several products or even promotional products that look pretty good.

There is no doubt they would be more than happy to use those promotional products whether these are mugs or even pens.

Believe it or not, giving promotional products to people is another excellent marketing strategy especially when your company logo is on those products. When they wear shirts that have your logo then word will spread fast about what your company is all about.

The moment some people are curious about it, they would go to your LinkedIn page or your website.

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