LinkedIn Recruiter vs. Recruiter Lite Compared – Features and Pricing [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite are LinkedIn tools that can help you recruit professionals. Both of these LinkedIn services offer a range of services, including talent pipeline development.

In this LinkedIn recruiting tutorial, we will discuss the difference between LinkedIn recruiter and LinkedIn recruiter lite.

If you prefer a video comparison of LinkedIn Recruiter vs LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, check out this one:

LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to features like “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and “Who’s Viewed Your Resume” for free. It also allows you to send In-Mail messages to other users for free and enable you to contact recruiters who have viewed your profile for free.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite gives you all of the features from Recruiter but adds some additional features that are only available in the paid version (like job posting), so if you’re going to be using LinkedIn extensively for your job search, it might be worth it to upgrade to the paid version.

Differences Between LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a simpler version of the LinkedIn Recruiter tool, perfect for small businesses and recruiters who don’t have many contacts or job openings or want to spend less. This tool allows you to search social media, company websites, and LinkedIn profiles to find candidates. You can then reach out directly through email or via phone.

The LinkedIn Recruiter is the full-featured version of the tool. It allows you to search for candidates with advanced filters, browse profiles of potential candidates in real-time, and use a pre-filtered list of candidates.

You have full access to your candidates’ information and can set up an automated workflow for communication throughout the hiring process.

The Lite version also limits how many people you can contact and how many searches you can run per day, while the full version does not have these restrictions.

The Cost Differences between LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

One of the most common complaints about LinkedIn Recruiter is that it is too expensive. However, there is an alternative. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers a subset of features for a lower price. Recruiter Lite has the following limitations:

  • It does not support account management or posting; it is suitable for recruiters using their profiles and those of their teams -It does not support phone screening.
  • It does not support messaging; it is suitable for recruiters who use their profiles and those of their teams -It does not help premium sourcing tools; it is ideal for recruiters who use their profiles and those of their teams.
  • It does not support premium applicant tracking systems (ATS) integrations; it is suitable for recruiters using their profiles and those of their team.

Recruiter Lite allows for multiple searches to be run across the entire database, but it only pulls information from the individual’s profile and connections. This means that the complete LinkedIn Recruiter tool is necessary to see both public.

Why Should You Buy LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

With LinkedIn Recruiter, you can search for the best candidates from LinkedIn’s massive database. With the Lite version, you can search for the top candidates from within that database. So which is better for your business?

LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to a pool of pre-screened candidates looking for work. The people in this pool are often referred to as passive candidates; they usually don’t respond to job ads, but they will respond to a recruiter’s outreach. If they react and ultimately meet your criteria, they become active candidates-people actively pursuing jobs.

This means that with LinkedIn Recruiter, you can save valuable time by reaching out to qualified candidates who already know about your company and want a job there.

On top of that, LinkedIn provides tools for tracking applicants’ progress through the hiring process, so you have access to reliable data about where your hires are coming from and how long it takes for them to get on board.

With the Lite version of LinkedIn Recruiter, you can still use the advanced search tool and save time by reaching out only to pre-screened candidates who want a job at your company. However, most businesses end up adding full access to LinkedIn Recruiter’s advanced features.


Given that LinkedIn Recruiter features work best for recruiters with large personal networks and profiles that already have “endorsements,” job recommendations, skills, and schools listed, if you are a recruiter needing to build your profile, we recommend you move on to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

If you are a recruiter with an established profile, stick with LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

In this way, LinkedIn allows you to cater your experience to what is working best for you rather than being forced into the same product experience as everyone else.

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