LinkedIn Recruiter Features, Pricing and Review [in 2022]

Finding a top professional that suits your business needs is a hard task. Especially when the employment platform you use for your search has over 700 million of registered professionals. This post is about LinkedIn Recruiter — a service that helps recruiters find talents fast.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

Recruiter is a premium hiring tool from LinkedIn. It helps recruiters to connect with the best professionals in their niche fast. The platform comes with a list of features to make the talent search easier and faster.

As a recruiter, you get access to personalized and bulk emails, candidate updated insights, search filters, and recommendations. All these tools allow you to find the most suitable candidate out of millions available in no time.

LinkedIn Recruiter main features

1. InMail

InMail is a LinkedIn messaging tool that allows you to connect to chosen candidates even if you don’t have their contact numbers. You get access to both personalized and bulk InMail messages. The bulk ones allow you to reach out to multiple candidates at once. It saves you plenty of time on writing personal messages to each and every professional that sparked your interest.

2. Search filters

Recruiter provides advanced search filters that narrow down your search to a couple of candidates in seconds. You just set the filters according to your needs and let the LinkedIn search engine find the right candidates. Some of the most useful filters include location, fields of study, degrees, languages spoken, years in current position, job titles, and “open to work” status.

3. Recommended matches

As you use the same filters over and over, Recruiter understands who do you look for and sends you recommended matches on daily basis. Recommendations come as a response to your previous searches. They are not the results of a new search.

4. Team collaboration

The service gives you the chance to collaborate with your teammates and clients on a large scale. You can share candidate profiles with them and work together on assessing the candidate’s skills and suitability for the role.

LinkedIn Recruiter cost

The cost of a Recruiter depends on several factors such as the number of licenses purchased and whether you choose a monthly or yearly subscription. On average, the cost of a full Recruiter package is about $8000 per year. While it may seem a lot, the advanced recruiting tools are sure to provide a maximum return on your investment.

Each feature has a role in bringing you closer to the best professionals in the field. The more skilled and experienced the people you hire are, the higher revenue your company will generate. So be sure that the hefty cost of the Recruiter service will pay off.

If you represent a small recruiting agency with 2 or 3 recruiters, you can choose Recruiter Lite. The yearly cost of the service is about $1400.

How you can purchase LinkedIn Recruiter?

To purchase Recruiter, create a LinkedIn account and contact the LinkedIn sales team. They will analyze your needs and come up with a personalized solution for your business.

LinkedIn Recruiter vs LinkedIn Recruiter Lite – Main differences

Recruiter Lite is a lightweight version of full Recruiter. It provides less recruiting resources and excludes the team collaboration benefits. Here are the main differences between the two services.

1. Search filters

While full Recruiter offers 40+ search filters, Recruiter Lite users have access only to 20+ filters. Nonetheless, it’s a significant help in finding top talents in the huge LinkedIn community of 700 million professionals.

2. InMail

Recruiter Lite allows you to create and send 30 InMail messages per month, compared to 150 granted by full Recruiter. If you work for a small company that looks for 2-3 new employees, 30 mails may suffice. A large recruiting agency, though, requires more communication opportunities.

3. Collaboration features

Recruiter Lite removes the collaboration features for obvious reasons. It is designed for small recruiting agencies where 1 or 2 recruiters work. They don’t need to share projects with peer recruiters from the same company and coordinate their actions with the hiring manager.

4. Price

The cost of an annual Recruiter Lite package revolves around $1400. It makes it a favorite among many recruiters given the stark contrast with the hefty cost of the full package.

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