On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience Explained [in 2020]

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One of the newest types of Custom Audiences you can create in your Facebook ad account is the On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience.  If you have a product catalog set up and people view products in that catalog regularly, this is a custom audience you should definitely take advantage of.

If you have no idea how this Custom Audience works, don’t worry, in this tutorial we are going to share everything you have to know about the On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience, including:

  • How to create a Facebook Custom Audience from people who viewed products in your product catalog?
  • What type of segmented audiences can you create from this Custom Audience?
  • How to leverage the On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience to get more sales?
  • Other Engagement Custom Audiences you could experiment with.

At the end of the article, we will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience.

How to create an On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience?

The process is similar to creating other Engagement Custom Audiences, if you have a product catalog already set up on Facebook, you only need to create a Custom Audience to be able to target these people. 

If you haven’t set up a Facebook product catalog yet, you can check out our how-to guide here. 

Here are all the steps to create the On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience:

  1. Go to the Audience page of your Facebook Business Manager. Make sure that you are in the right Ad account. (You can change it in the upper right corner.)
  2. Click on the blue button ‘Create Audience’ then on ‘Custom Audience’
  3. In this new window, you can choose the source of your Facebook Custom Audience. Click on ‘On-Facebook Listings’

Select On-Facebook Listing Custom Audience

4. First, you can choose between an ALL and ANY condition which will define if the On-Facebook Listing Custom Audience you are creating will include all the audiences you list or just those people who meet all of the criteria you specify.

5. Choose the Facebook page where you have set up the product catalog

6. You can choose between two conditions that will define the Custom Audience exactly (as explained in the next paragraph)Create On-Facebook Listing Custom Audience

7. If you have more Facebook pages for a brand, you can of course combine them together by clicking on the ‘Include more’ button and specifying a second condition with another Facebook page

8. In the next field, add a descriptive name and you can also add a description to the audience if you want.

9. Last but not least, check one more time if the conditions and criteria are set in the right way and if everything is correct then click on ‘Create Audience’

Types of On-Facebook Listings Custom Audiences you can create

You don’t really have a lot of options to create different types of On-FB listings Custom Audiences as you can only create two types of Custom Audiences:

  • People who viewed a product in your Facebook catalog
  • People who messaged about certain products in your Facebook product catalog

You can keep these users in the Custom Audience up to 180 days. This is a dynamic timeframe which means that if a user views a product again, the 180 day period will start over and he or she will remain in the audience at least for 180 extra days.

How to leverage On-Facebook Listings Custom Audiences?

Once you have created your On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience, you can either use it for retargeting these users with a conversion-focused message or if you have many users who viewed products in your Facebook catalog then you can create Lookalike Audiences from them using the Product Catalog Custom Audience as the source audience.

On-Facebook Listings LAA

Let’s be honest, creating Lookalike Audience from On-Facebook Listing Custom Audience is not the best quality LAA you can create. As just because someone checks out your Facebook catalog, it doesn’t mean they are likely to buy from you. But at least it is good to know that you have this option as well.

If you want to get more details about what Lookalike Audiences are and how to create them, check out these guides:

Retargeting Product Catalog Custom Audience

If you are running retargeting campaigns and you have a Facebook catalog set up, there is no reason why you shouldn’t add On-Facebook Listings Custom Audiences to a new ad set in your Facebook retargeting campaigns.

We would suggest you creating separate Facebook ad sets in your retargeting campaigns for these Product Catalog Custom Audiences as then you will be able to measure back if this custom audience is delivering similar, better, or worse results than other retargeting audiences.

Other Engagement Custom Audiences you should test

As you can see, it is really easy to create Engagement Custom Audiences on Facebook and retarget the users right aways with these Custom Audiences. That is the reason, you can try all the other types of Facebook Custom Audiences that are created from engagements with your Facebook or Instagram content.

Here is the list of the currently available Engagement Custom Audiences:

You can also check out this tutorial on Facebook Custom Audiences:

Frequently Asked Questions – On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience

Can you retarget people who browsed your Facebook product catalog?

Yes, you can retarget them by using Product Catalog or as it is officially called On-Facebook Listings Custom Audience. You can not only retarget people who viewed a certain product but also people who messaged you from the catalog page to get information about a product.

Can you use On-Facebook listings with Instagram Shops?

No, you have to use Shopping Custom Audiences for that. More information on how that works, and how to set up Shopping Custom Audiences on Instagram can be in our tutorial about Shopping Custom Audiences.

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