How To Remove Admins or Users From Facebook Business Manager? [in 2021]

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Once you stop working with someone on a Facebook page, ad account, or any Facebook Business Manager asset, as a best practice you should remove the person from the Business Manager account completely.

In this short tutorial, we are going to show you how to remove users or an admin from a Business Manager account and also what you can do if you can’t remove someone from a Business Manager account.

How to remove an admin from a Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Open up the Facebook Business Manager account
  2. Click on the hamburger menu then on ‘Business Settings’Business settings on Facebook Business Manager
  3. In the left column, under users click on ‘People’users and people role and access level in business manager
  4. Here you will see everyone who has any type of access to this BM.
  5. Select the user who you want to remove from the Business Manager. Admins will have an admin badge next to their name
  6. On the top right corner you can see the ‘Remove’ button.
  7. Click on it, then confirm that you want to remove this admin from the Facebook Business Manager account.

This is how you can remove an admin from a Facebook Business Manager account.

How to delete a user from a Facebook Business Manager?

The process looks exactly the same it doesn’t matter whether you want to get rid of an admin or just delete a regular user from the Facebook Business Manager.

Can’t remove users/admin from a Business Manager account

If you can’t remove an admin or a user from a Facebook Business Manager account, check if you have the necessary Facebook Business Manager permission/role to be able to do it.

Only Business Manager admins can remove people from that specific Business Manager.

How to cancel removing someone from a Facebook Business Manager

You can add someone back to a Business Manager as an admin or with a lower level, any time you want to do so. Here you can find a tutorial on this:

What if you are the admin of the Business Manager?

Then read this tutorial:

Or check out this video tutorial:

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