How To Send A Message From A Facebook Page? [in 2024]

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Facebook provides multiple ways to communicate with your customers or potential clients as there are multiple ways to send a message from a Facebook page.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to show how to send messages from a Facebook page.

If you want a quick video tutorial on how to send messages from a Facebook page, check out this one:

If you are still using the classic Facebook page, here is how to send messages from a Facebook business page:

How to send messages from a Facebook page?

Here is how to send a message from a Facebook page:

  1. Open up the Facebook page from where you want to send the Facebook messages from
  2. You will see the Inbox tab on the left column under the Meta Business Suite section, click on itMeta Business Suite - Inbox of Facebook page
  3. You will be talked to the Meta Business Suite’s Inbox feature.
  4. Click on ‘Messenger’ on the Messages to send messages from a Facebook page
  5. Here you will see everybody who has messaged your Facebook page.
  6. Just click into a message and start messaging with your Facebook page fans.

When you send a message as Facebook page, people will see the sender as the Facebook page. They won’t be able to tell who was the person that sent the Facebook message.

How to enable Messaging features on a Facebook page?

If your Facebook page followers tell you in a comment or anywhere else that they are not able to message your Facebook business page, it means that the messaging feature is currently disabled on your Facebook page.

Here is how you can turn the Facebook Messaging feature on:

  1. Open up the Facebook page
  2. Click on the Settings button on the leftFacebook Page Settings
  3. Under the ‘General’ section you will find Messages
  4. Click on ‘Messages’.
  5. Now you will see whether this feature is currently turned on or not.enable Facebook page messages
  6. Tick the checkbox if it is not yet ticked.
  7. Click on ‘Save changes’.

Now, messaging on your Facebook page is turned on, so people will be able to message your Facebook page and you will be able to message them back as the Facebook page.

How to set up a Facebook Automated Responses?

If you don’t want to always reply first to the Facebook messages of your FB page followers, you can also do that with Automated Responses.

We have a full guide on how to set Facebook Automated Responses for your Facebook page, that you can read here:

  • Tobepublished

Facebook Page Messaging Settings

Before we would wrap up, I just want to let you know that you also have several settings you can change for your Facebook page Messaging feature. You can reach Messaging Settings by:

  1. Going to your Facebook page
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left column
  3. Click on ‘Messaging’ on the left column.
  4. Here you will see all the settings you can change for Facebook Page Messaging.

Facebook Page Messaging Settings

Why can’t I send a message from my Facebook business page

There are the main reasons why you can’t send a message from your Facebook business page. Let’s go through both of them.

First, if the messaging feature is disabled on your Facebook page, users won’t be able to contact you via your Facebook page. You can enable this feature in the Facebook page settings section as we have shown you above.

Secondly, you have to have the right Facebook page roles (admin, editor, moderator) or Facebook Task Access if you want to send messages from the Facebook page. Make sure you have the right access level.

How to send messages as a Facebook page – FAQ

Can you message someone from a Facebook business page?

Yes, but only if they messaged you previously. If they have never messaged you, you won’t be able to send them a Facebook message as a Facebook page.

Can you reply to Instagram DMs from your Facebook page?

Yes, you can, we have a full tutorial where we show you the step by step process of replying to Instagram direct messages from your Facebook page.

I can’t send Facebook messages from your Facebook page, why?

Keep in mind that you have to be an admin, an editor or a Facebook page moderator to be able to reply to messages as the Facebook page.

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