Task Access On Facebook Pages Explained [In 2022]

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Once you switched to the new Facebook page experience design, one of the things that will change is how you can give access to people on the Facebook page.

Instead of Facebook page roles, we get to give control to people with either Facebook access vs. Facebook task access. In this tutorial, we will explain what task access for Facebook pages means and how to add someone with task access to a Facebook page.

We will also answer some FAQs related to Task Access for Facebook pages.

If you prefer a video tutorial on Facebook task access, check out this video tutorial:

What is Task Access on Facebook?

Task Access on Facebook is the more limited access level you can give someone to manage your Facebook page. It is basically the new way how you could previously add someone as a moderator, an editor, an advertiser or as an analyst to the Facebook page.

A person with Task Access on Facebook will be able to manage specific tasks using tools like Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio but won’t be able to switch to the Facebook page.

You can give the following task access on Facebook to someone:

  • manage the content of the Facebook page (create, delete, edit Facebook posts, stories). This is similar to the legacy Facebook page editor role
  • manage messages of the Facebook page
  • manage community activity (review and respond to comments, delete unwanted comments.) Similar to the legacy Facebook page moderator role
  • manage ads (create and manage ads for the Facebook Page). This is what the legacy Facebook page advertiser role could do.

give task access to someone on a new Facebook page design

As you know, one of the new features of the new Facebook page is the ability to switch into the Facebook page and use it as you would use your regular Facebook profile.

Facebook Task vs Facebook Access

This is the main difference between Facebook Task Access vs Facebook Access. If you have only Task Access on Facebook you can’t use Facebook as a Facebook page. However, you can still manage the Facebook page and the specifics depend on what task access you have been given to.

With Task Access on Facebook you won’t have admin level access, you have to have Facebook Access to be able to add other people or remove users from the Facebook page.

To learn more about Facebook Access on the new Facebook pages, check out this tutorial:

Now, let’s see how to add Task Access to users on a new Facebook page.

How to Add Task Access on Facebook to someone on a new Facebook Page?

  1. Open the Facebook Page
  2. Click on the ‘Manage’ buttonmanage button on new Facebook pages
  3. Click on ‘Page Access’ on the left.Facebook page access on new FB pages
  4. Near ‘People with Task Access’ click on ‘Add new’.add someone with Task Access to the Facebook page
  5. Click on ‘Next’
  6. Add the name or the email of the person you want to grant Task Access
  7. Choose to what tasks you want to give access to.give task access to someone on a new Facebook page design
  8. Click on the ‘Give Access’ button.

Remove Task Access on Facebook

If someone no longer works on your Facebook page, you should remove the Task Access he or she had on the new Facebook page.

You can remove or modify someone’s Task Access pretty much the same way as you would add someone a Task Access.

Just follow the process we have outlined above and instead of granting access, click on the name of the person you want to remove task access from and make the necessary changes.

Issues with granting someone Facebook Task Access

If you can’t add someone Task Access to a Facebook page, consider the following two things.

First, Facebook Task Access is the new feature of the new Facebook page design, sometimes also called new Facebook page experience.

If you haven’t switched to the new Facebook page design or you switched back to the classic Facebook  page, you won’t be able to add someone Task Access.

Secondly, you can only grant someone Facebook Task Access if you have Facebook Access with full control. This is similar to the legacy page admin role.

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