How To Add Product Links To Tiktok Videos? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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TikTok is not only good for increasing brand awareness but it can also work great for promoting and selling products of an e-commerce store as now you can also link products you sell directly to the TikTok video.

In this TikTok marketing tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a product link to a TikTok video and also share some product linking best practices and other related information

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to add product links to TikTok videos, check out this one:

How To Add Product links to TikTok Videos?

To add a product link to a TikTok video:

  1. Open up the TikTok app
  2. Make sure you have TikTok Shopping set up if you haven’t already
  3. Create a new TikTok video
  4. From the ‘Post’ module click on ‘Add Link’.
  5. Then select ‘Product’add product links to TikTok video
  6. Select the product you want to promote and click “Add”
  7. Enter the product name of your choice and click the “Add” buttonadd product to a TikTok video
  8. This process can be repeated, as you can link multiple products to one TikTok video
  9. Review your TikTok video and your products links
  10. Click on the ‘Post’ button to publish the video.

After the TikTok video has been published, the added product links will need to be reviewed by TikTok teams. The product links will only be added to your TikTok video if they get approved.

Tips for TikTok videos where product link placement should work

If you want to take advantage of this awesome TikTok business feature, you have to make sure you place the product links to the right TikTok video.

This means that you need to first identify the audience or demographic you want to reach with your TikTok, and which video will reach them.

Let’s share some tips for the types of TikTok videos where your attached product link will most likely work:

  • Trending Sounds: Follow the trend and make your videos on trending TikTok sounds or music. Finding this is easy. Click on the “Add sounds” button, and you will see the list of popular sounds you can create with.
  • Trending TikTok Hashtags: Make your videos based on the popular videos and include their hashtags in your video description. This helps you to reach a much wider audience.
  • TikTok Challenges: Challenge videos are one of the best ways to reach a particular demographic. Your video being part of a challenge means it has the tendency of reaching a target TikTok market.
  • Lip Synchronizing Videos: Be creative with popular lip-syncing videos as they also have a wider reach.
  • Funny TikTok videos: Who doesn’t love funny videos? This type of video has re-watching value, meaning it will be seen multiple times. This gives more opportunity for your product link to be seen and engaged with.

Can’t add product links to the TikTok video

It is possible that you might not be able to add product links to your TikTok video. Here we have collected the most possible reasons for it.

First, make sure you check out TikTok Business help center and watch the video on how to add product links to videos:

If you can’t follow the steps, first:

A TikTok business account allows you to be able to run TikTok ad campaigns and add product links to your TikTok videos.

Besides switching to a TikTok Business account, you also have to set up TikTok Shopping. Check out our tutorial on TikTok Shopping if you need more details on how to set it up.

Here are two other reasons that might prevent you from adding product links to your TikTok video.

  • Non-compliance of products with TikTok Advertising Policies: If your product links get rejected by TikTok, you will be able to find them in “Rejected Products”. Understand why they were rejected by reading TikTok’s ad policy and then make the necessary changes.
  • Too large product pictures: Your product pictures shouldn’t be larger than 500×500 pixel dimensions. If this happens, the picture gets filtered out and not approved.

Last but not least, also keep in mind that TikTok Shopping is not available in all countries yet.

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