How To Add Users To Instagram Account? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If managing an Instagram account takes too much time then it makes sense to add someone to the Instagram account, so they can also post on Instagram, and reply to comments or Instagram DMs.

In this Instagram marketing tutorial, we are going to share how to add users to an Instagram account.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to add someone to an Instagram account, check out this one:

2 ways to give access to your Instagram account

There are basically two ways to add someone to the Instagram account:

  1. Share your Instagram account login details with the person
  2. Add the user to your Facebook (Meta) Business Suite and add access to your Instagram account

The first option is the easiest one but we would strongly discourage you from sharing your login details with anyone.

It is not a safe solution and you can never know if you can trust this person and they will not share the login data with another malicious third party.

The second solution is a little bit trickier, as you also have to have a Meta Business Suite account but it is still the preferred option.

It is more secure, you can clearly control what kind of access the user has and you can also easily remove the person from your Instagram account if you no longer work with him.

How to add users to Instagram account?

So before you would be able to go through this process, you have to have a working Meta Business Suite account (used to be called Facebook Business Manager) and you have to add the Instagram account to this Facebook Business Suite account.

If you haven’t done these, here you can find tutorials on how to do these:

Once you have added the Instagram account to the Meta Business Suite, you can also add people to these Instagram account

Here is how to add users to the Instagram account:

  1. Open the Facebook Business Suite.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Settings’ section, or open this link:
  3. Under ‘Users, click ‘People’
  4. Click on the ‘Add’ button
  5. Add the email address of the personinvite user to Instagram account in Meta Business SUite
  6. Select Employee access and click on ‘Next’
  7. Click on ‘Instagram accounts’ in the left columnhow to add user to Instagram account
  8. Select the Instagram account you want to give access to.
  9. Select the access level you want the person to have.
  10. Click on ‘Invite’

The person that you invited no will receive an email where she can either accept the invitation or decline it. Once she accepted it, she will be able to manage the Instagram account.

As you can see you can customize the access level this user will have in the Instagram account. You can turn on or off any of the access levels below:

  • Create, manage or delete posts, stories and more as the Instagram account.
  • Send and respond to direct messages as the Instagram account.
  • Review and respond to comments, remove unwanted content and report activity.
  • Create, manage and delete ads for the Instagram account.
  • See how the Instagram account, content and ads perform.

If you want to add someone with full administrator access to the Instagram account, check out this tutorial:

Can’t add someone to Instagram account

If you can’t add someone to the Instagram account, here are the common issues that you have to fix:

  • The Facebook business Suite account can’t be disabled
  • You have to be the account owner of the Instagram account
  • The Instagram account has be added to the Meta Business Suite
  • Double-check if you have invited the person to the Instagram account with the right email address
  • You also have to be an admin in the Facebook business Suite to be able to give access to the Instagram account

How to remove users from your Instagram account?

The great thing about this method we have just explained is that it is really easy to remove someone from the Instagram account who has access to it. (or you can also change their access level easily)

Here is how to remove someone from the Instagram account:

  1. Open the Facebook Business Suite.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business Settings’ section, or open this link:
  3. Under ‘Accounts, click ‘Instagram accounts’
  4. Select the Instagram account, you want remove that person
  5. Under the People tab, look for the person.
  6. Click on the trash icon next to the name of the person
  7. Select ‘Confirm’ to permanently remove the user from your Instagram account.

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