How to delete a Facebook Pixel? [in 2024]

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Do you have a duplicate Facebook Pixel (now also called Meta Pixel) on your website and do you want to get rid of it? Don’t worry, we are here for you and going to tell you how to delete the Facebook Pixel in 2023.

In this Facebook Pixel tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete a Facebook Pixel from Facebook Business Manager (now called Meta Business Suite), how to remove it from your Facebook Ad Account or how to delete the Facebook Pixel from your website.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to delete the Facebook Pixel, check out this one:

How to delete a Facebook Pixel?

To delete the Facebook Pixel:

  1. Open up Facebook Business Manager
  2. Click on the Business Settings icon
  3. Under Data sources click on Pixels
  4. Choose the Facebook Pixel you want to delete
  5. Select the ad account and click on the Trash icon
  6. Confirm that you want to remove the Pixel

how to delete Facebook Pixel

How to delete Facebook Pixel From Business Manager?

Since Facebook has changed the Business Manager layout, it is currently not possible to delete the Facebook Pixel from your Business Manager. Facebook might reenable this feature in the future so we still show you how you used to be able to delete Facebook Pixel from your Business Manager.

Even if you can’t delete the Facebook Pixel currently from your Business Manager, at least you can remove it from your Facebook Ad account which is connected with the Pixel, so you don’t accidentally set it as an optimization event when you create a new Facebook campaign.

If you prefer a video tutorial about this topic, you can also check out this Youtube video about deleting Facebook Pixel:

How to remove a Facebook Pixel from your Website?

The most effective way to delete Facebook Pixel is to actually remove it from your website. Even if the Pixel is not deleted from Facebook, as it is not on your website, it won’t be able to send any Pixel data to Facebook.

Make sure that you delete the Facebook Pixel code you want to remove. It is possible that you have multiple Pixel code installed on your website at the same time. You can make sure if you are deleting the right Facebook Pixel by checking the Facebook Pixel ID.

There are basically three main ways how the Facebook Pixel could have been installed on your website:

Removing Facebook Pixel when the code was installed manually

If you installed the Facebook Pixel code to the head section of your website manually, then you obviously have to remove it now manually from the head section.

You can check if it has been installed in the head section of your website by opening up your website, checking your source code by pressing CTRL+U and search for the text Facebook Pixel in the front-end code.

Facebook Pixel Base Code in the Source Code

If you asked helped from your developer to install the Pixel, you should ask him again to remove it from your website.

Remove Facebook Pixel code from Google Tag Manager

When you installed the Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager, you obviously have to delete the Pixel by stopping or removing the tags that fire the Facebook Pixel events on your website.

Even if you weren’t the one who installed the Facebook Pixel, and you are not really familiar with how Google Tag Manager works, you should be able to remove the Pixel by stopping the Tags that are related to the Pixel.

If the naming conventions are right, you should stop all events that contain the name Pixel and they are related to Facebook. You can always click on the tags and check if the codes are similar to the Pixel codes.

When you sign in to Google Tag Manager, click on Tags on the left side of the screen to only see Tags.

Google Tag Manager - Tag - Delete FB Pixel

Now, you can choose the tags that are related to Pixel. Click on the Facebook Pixel Tag you want to remove. By clicking on it, the tag will open up, and now you can edit it. On the upper left corner click on the three dots. Here, you can choose to pause or delete Tags forever by clicking on Pause or Delete button.

Delete or Pause Pixel Tags

Whether you delete or pause the Facebook Pixel Tag Manager tag, you have to confirm it  by saving the changes. We would recommend first to only stop the tags, so you can test it whether you paused the right tags.

Remove Facebook Pixel when you used Partner Integration

If you used any kind of partner integration to install and set up the Facebook Pixel on your website, you should reverse engineer the installation process to delete the Pixel from your website. For example, if you have a Shopify store and you used the partner integration to install the Pixel, you can easily remove the Pixel by deleting the ID from your Shopify Admin.

You can do this by opening up your Shopify Admin site, click on Online store then Preferences and scroll down to Facebook Pixel and remove the ID from your website.

Check if the Meta Pixel was deleted

Whichever method you used, at the end of this process it is worth checking if you managed to delete the Facebook Pixel from your website. The easiest way to do this is by installing the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension.

You can check this by opening your website, clicking on the Pixel Helper which will tell you if one or multiple Pixel is installed on your website and what data they send to Facebook.

You can also check the IDs of the installed Pixel so you can make sure you removed the right Pixel from your website.

If you want to learn more about this great Chrom Extension that is a must-have for Facebook ad buyers, check out our guide on Facebook Pixel Helper.

Can’t delete Facebook Pixel, why?

As of 2022, you can’t completely delete the Facebook Pixel from the Facebook Business Manager, what you can do is to remove the Facebook Pixel from your Facebook Ad Account.

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Frequently Asked Question: How To Delete a Facebook Pixel

Can you delete a Facebook Pixel?

You used to be able to delete a Facebook Pixel, but in the new Facebook Business Manager user interface it currently not possible to delete a Facebook Pixel. Your only option is remove the Pixel from your Ad Account or delete the Facebook Pixel code from your website.

How to check if the Facebook Pixel still sends data to my website?

You can check this by installing the Pixel Helper Google Chrome Extension and simply clicking on the Extension when you visit a page on your website. The Pixel Helper will tell you if it can detect a Pixel and if it is sending to Facebook any data.

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