Facebook Group Guides: How to Use Them? [in 2024]

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Facebook groups offer an excellent opportunity to create mini-courses for your audience through Facebook Group guides.

In this Facebook group tutorial, we will walk you through the steps of creating Facebook group guides, adding them to your Facebook group, and managing them effectively. So, let’s get started!

What are Facebook Group Guides?

Facebook group guides are basically learning units in a Facebook group that help you to create mini-courses inside a social learning Facebook group.

Facebook group guides were used to be called Units in a Facebook group, but they have been renamed to Guides.

How do Facebook guides work in a Facebook group?

Once you set up some Facebook group guides, you can add multiple Facebook posts to them, and arrange them in order so basically, you can create a mini-course on Facebook without paying for any money for paid subscription.

Facebook group members can also show that they went through a guide by clicking on the ‘I’m done’ button and you can also check in Facebook group insights on how people are progressing with the guides.

How to add Facebook Guides to Facebook Groups?

To create guides in a Facebook group:

  1. Open the Facebook group.
  2. Click on ‘Guides’ under the Facebook group cover photoFacebook guides tab in a Facebook group
  3. Click on ‘Start a Guide’start a guide in a Facebook group
  4. Add the name and description to the guidecreate a new Facebook group guide
  5. Click on ‘Save’ group guide.

Your Facebook group guide has been created. Now, you can add new posts to it or change the orders of a guide as well (if you have created more than 1).

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to create and set up Facebook group guides, check out this video:

Managing Facebook Guides in Facebook groups

You can edit Facebook guides in groups in multiple ways:

  • you can add posts to the guides
  • you can change the order of guides
  • you can delete guides

How to add posts to Facebook guides?

To add a new Facebook group posts to a guide:

  1. Open the Facebook group
  2. Create a new post or search for the post you want to add to the guide.
  3. On the top right corner of the posts, click on the three dots.
  4. Select ‘Add post to guide’.
  5. Select to which guide want to add the post.
  6. Add a title to the post.
  7. Click on ‘Save’.

That’s it, now your post has been added to the specified Facebook group guide.

Change the order of Facebook guides

The great thing about Facebook guides is that you can rearrange them any time you want. A good order makes the learning process for members much smoother.

Here is how to rearrange Facebook group guides:

  1. Open the Facebook group.
  2. Click on the ‘Guides’ tab under the cover photo.
  3. Search for the guide, you want to rearrange
  4. Click on the three dots next to the guide.
  5. Select ‘Edit guide’.
  6. Click on ‘Re-order’ and drag and drop the guide to the correct place.
  7. Click on ‘Save’

Can’t add Facebook group guides

There are three main reasons why you might not be able to create Facebook guides and add posts to it:

  1. You have to make your Facebook group a social learning group first, to be able to create Facebook group guides. (update: not necessary anymore)
  2. An admin removed the Guides feature from the Facebook group. You can turn on the feature back in the Settings.
  3. Only Facebook group admins are able to create and modify Facebook group guides. So if you are only a moderator, you won’t be able to add or edit Facebook group guides.

Facebook Group Units Changes: Units vs Facebook Guides

If you have been managing a social learning Facebook group for a while now, you know that Facebook guides were used to be called Facebook Units.

Now, you can’t create learning units in a group anymore but the functionality with guides hasn’t really changed.

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FAQ – Facebook Guides in Groups

How to add the Guides tab to a Facebook group?

If you want to add a Guides tab to a Facebook group, the only way is to make the Facebook group a Social learning Facebook group. In this case, the Guides tab will automatically appear under your group’s cover photo.

Facebook Units not working, why?

Facebook has renamed Facebook Units to Facebook guides. However, the functionality didn’t really change, so you can still create lessons and mini-courses inside a Facebook group without paying for course platform tools.

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