How To Fix Facebook Business Suite (Manager) Not Working / Won’t Load? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Facebook Business Suite (now called Meta Business) has become one of the most important assets for businesses doing Facebook ads and Facebook marketing. So if the Facebook Business suite is not working or not loading properly it can be a huge issue.

So in this Facebook Business Suite tutorial, we are going to cover all the issues that can cause the Facebook Business Suite not working and how you can troubleshoot these issues (if you can).

(Note: Meta Business Suite is also called Facebook Business Suite and it used to be called Facebook Business Manager. In this tutorial, we use these three terms interchangeably.)

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Facebook Business Suite Not Working – Most common reasons

So here are the most common reasons why the Facebook Business Suite might not be working at the moment:

  1. Facebook Business Suite is down or has performance issues
  2. Your Facebook Business Manager account has been disabled
  3. You have been removed from the Facebook Business Suite
  4. There are some other technical issues not related to Meta Business Suite

In the rest of this article, we will explain these issues and if it is possible, share how you can fix these issues.

Let’s dive in.

1.      Facebook Business Suite won’t load at all

If the Facebook Business doesn’t load at all but other pages on your browser work perfectly, then it is very possible that the Facebook Business Suite is down right now.

We have a separate guide on how you can check if the Facebook Business Suite is down now or has been down recently:

But the easiest way to check it is by opening this URL:

Facebook Business Suite Status tool -

Here you can see if there is an issue with the Facebook Business Suite service. As you can see, you can also see here if Facebook Ads Manager is not working right now.

If this is the case and Facebook Business Suite is not working because the service is down, you can’t really do anything. You have to wait for Facebook developers to fix this issue.

2.      Facebook Business (Suite) Manager not working – Account Disabled

The second reason why you might not be able to use Facebook Business Manager right now is that the Facebook Business Manager (Suite) account has been disabled.

We have a separate tutorial, where we go over the reason why your Facebook Business Suite account has been disabled and what you can do about it:

  • Facebook Business Manager disabled – How to fix it? (Tobepublished)

3.      Meta Business Suite not working – Removed access from Facebook Business Suite account

A third reason why you might not be able to use the Facebook Business Suite is that someone has removed you from the Meta Business Suite account.

You can ask the other Facebook Business Manager admin if he/she removed from the Facebook Business Suite accidentally. If this is the case, here is tutorial on how to add someone back to the Facebook Business Suite:

It is also possible that someone has deleted the Facebook Business Account. There is nothing really that you can do here, your only option is to create a new Meta Business Suite.

As other admins can delete a Facebook Business Suite, keep in mind that you should only give admin access to people who you trust 100%, as they can remove you from the Facebook Business Suite and take control of the business suite.

4.      Facebook Business Suite doesn’t load – other technical issues

Last but not least, it is very much possible that there is nothing wrong with your Facebook Business Suite account, Facebook Business Suite just won’t load because of a technical issue you have with your browser.

So if Facebook Business is not down and you can access other websites without any issue, here are some ways how you can fix these technical glitches:

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Reload the Business Suite page.
  3. Log out and log back in to the Facebook Business Suite
  4. Clear the cache in your browser

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