How To Fix Facebook Ads Manager Not Working/Won’t Load? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Facebook ads manager not working properly or not loading can be very annoying when you want to optimize Facebook ads campaigns or launch a new Facebook ad campaign.

In this Facebook Ads tutorial, we are going to cover why the Facebook Ads Manager is not working or won’t load for you and how you can fix these issues.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Facebook Ads Manager Not Working – Most common reasons

Here are the most common issues that will cause the Facebook Ads Manager not to work for you:

  1. Facebook Ads Manager is down or having a performance issues
  2. You have been banned from using the Facebook Ads Manager product
  3. You have been removed from the Facebook Ad Account by an admin
  4. You have other technical issues not related to Facebook Ads Manager

Let’s go over each of these cases one by one and I will also try to give you some tips how you can resolve these issues (if possible).

1. Facebook Ads Manager won’t load – Check if it is working

If the Facebook ads Manager won’t load at all, it is very much possible that the servers that operate the Facebook Ads Manager are down.

We have a separate guide on how you can check if the Facebook Ads Manager is down, check that out for more details.

But the easiest way to check if the Facebook Ads Manager is not working because of that is by opening this link:

Facebook Ads Manager not working or won't load

If you see green checkmarks, then it means that the Facebook Ads Manager is working properly and there are some other reasons why the Facebook Ads Manager doesn’t load for you.

2. Meta Ads Manager not working – Your Facebook Ad Account Has been Banned

A second possibility why your Facebook Ad Manager is not working is that your Facebook ad account has been disabled.

This is something that happens more and more and that is very annoying. We have a separate guide on why your Facebook Ad Account can be disabled and how you can recover it, so check that out definitely.

  • Facebook Ad Account Disabled (Tobepublished)

3. Facebook ads manager doesn’t load – you have been removed from the Ad Account

A third reason why you might not be able to use the Facebook Ads Manager is that a Facebook Business Suite admin has removed you from the Facebook Ad Account.

In most cases, you should receive an email about this if you haven’t turned off these kinds of notifications.

If the removal was an accident, here are some tutorials that you can use or send the admin to add back to the Facebook Ad Account.

If someone has maliciously accessed your Ad Account and removed you from it, there is nothing you can do except trying to contact Facebook Support.

However, there is no guarantee that you will get back your original Facebook Ad Account, so can create a new Facebook Ad Account.

Similarly, it is also possible that you can’t load the Facebook Ads Manager, because someone has deleted the Facebook Ad Account permanently.

4.      You can’t load Facebook Ads Manager because of other technical issues

If it seems like there is nothing wrong with the Meta Ads Manager and you have access to the Facebook Ad Account, then the Facebook Ads Manager must be working so there is a technical issue with your browser/computer.

Here are the most common technical fixes that should resolve these technical glitches in most cases:

  1. Reload the Facebook Ads Manager page.
  2. Check your internet connection
  3. Log out and log back in to the Facebook Ads Manager
  4. Clear the cache in your browser

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