How To Invite Friends To Facebook Group? [in 2022]

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The easiest way to grow any Facebook group is to invite your Facebook friends to join the Facebook group. You don’t even have to have a Facebook page to be able to do this.

In this short Facebook group tutorial, we are going to show you how to send invitations to friends to join a Facebook group.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, check out this one:

How to send an invitation for people to join a Facebook group?

There are two fundamental ways:

  1. You can invite your Facebook friends to join a Facebook group
  2. If you are the admin of a Facebook page, you can also invite these Facebook page fans and followers to join the group

The second method has been covered in this tutorial:

So we are only going to focus on inviting your Facebook friends to your group, as you don’t even have to have a Facebook page for this to work.

How to invite friends to a Facebook Group?

So here is how to invite friends to a Facebook group:

  1. Open up the Facebook group you want to grow by inviting your friends
  2. On the Facebook group home page, you will see a blue ‘Invite’ button, click on it.invite button in a Facebook group
  3. You will be able to select your Facebook friends one by one.
  4. You can also filter your Facebook friends down by previous work, school, etc.invite facebook friends to join Facebook group
  5. Select the ones you want to send an invitation to, then click on the ‘Send Invites’ button on the bottom right.

If you create a new Facebook group, you can also send these invitations when you are just setting up the new FB group.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to invite friends to join a Facebook group, check out this one:

Invite all your friends to a Facebook Group

It seems like that currently you cannot invite all your Facebook friends to a group at once. Or you actually can, but you have to select these friends one by one which is a pretty tedious process.

This option is only available on your Facebook page where you should be able to send invitations to all your Facebook friends at once.

That is why as a workaround, what you can do instead, is to invite your friends to like your Facebook page first. And then you can invite everyone who liked the Facebook page to join the Facebook group.

Can’t invite friends to the Facebook group

You can’t invite friends to a Facebook group? Here is the most common reasons:

  • You have to become the admin of the Facebook group to be able to do this.
  • If you can invite people, even if you are not the admin, the admin might uphold the right to approve new Facebook group members.

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