LinkedIn Page Vs LinkedIn Profile: Full Comparison – Which should you create?

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Promoting a start-up business can grow by reaching as many people as it can. LinkedIn is a perfect platform to gain followers and give updates on a business. It is also a platform for professionals and job seekers. But what is the difference between a LinkedIn page vs profile?

LinkedIn Page Vs Profile – An Overview

On LinkedIn, you can create both a business profile and a personal one. Since this is a platform for professionals, it can be a channel to reach people who need specific services and products, presented professionally.

Almost 50% of subscribers on LinkedIn are most likely to engage in a business that can be searched on LinkedIn. Since it is a professional social networking site, people who want to do business can research about your company and see to which companies your company is connected.

A LinkedIn company profile is almost similar to a Facebook page. It is used by organizations to post updates, job openings, and information about their companies. If a company is listed on LinkedIn, it can be a channel to provide brand awareness and add visibility to other possible business connections.

As for a personal profile, this is somewhat similar to your Facebook profile where you can post and share your ideas on different topics. You can use your LinkedIn profile to connect with people under the same organizations as you, or people with whom you share similar interests.

LinkedIn Personal Profile – Main Characteristics, Benefits, and Missing Features

Professionally speaking, a LinkedIn profile serves as a resume when applying for jobs through LinkedIn. A job seeker’s work experiences can be briefly defined, and create and keep networks on people who share the same industry. Usually, when someone wants to know a person’s educational and professional background, they search through LinkedIn.

By having a personal profile, you can use its messaging feature to communicate with clients, prospected business partners, and connections. It allows someone to build relationships directly. It also allows you to interact with your connections through commenting, liking, and sharing what they are posting.

Creating a LinkedIn personal profile is valuable when searching for a job. It allows a job seeker to show off his expertise, connections, and it provides exposure to recruiters. Connections sometimes serve as recommendations to hiring managers since they can leave endorsements on your page.

LinkedIn Page – Main Benefits and Features

A LinkedIn business page serves as a company’s representation where it allows you to build your brand and share information on what your company is up to. Having a LinkedIn page builds credibility on your company profile and is often searched easily when someone looked for your company name in Google.

It has various features suitable for building a brand. An admin of a LinkedIn page can view and analyze how followers interact with the page, promote business units, products, and create content ads where you can post for your target audience.

A LinkedIn company page is also an efficient tool in recruitment. It allows you to search for the right candidate since you can review their professional profile and gauge their potential easily on the same platform. As the biggest professional social networking platform, it gives a hiring manager a big pool of talents giving them a lot of convenience in looking for employees.

When should you create a LinkedIn company page as well?

While LinkedIn page vs personal has several differences, both kinds can be created for free. A personal profile can be changed to a company page once a number of employees have joined and to build better awareness through content and ad posting focused on target audiences.

However, creating a company page does not allow one-on-one direct messaging and is solely dependent on human-computer interaction which is probably the main factor in building and developing business relationships. But you can share documents and articles and post with hashtag feeds to optimize your LinkedIn page.

Having a LinkedIn page is more professional especially for large companies. It allows employees to connect with each other which may increase your company’s exposure. Lastly, potential prospects and partners can easily know about your company through a LinkedIn company page.

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