LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Features, Plans, Prices Compared [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Aside from being a social media network, LinkedIn became a great tool used by many recruiters, marketers, and salespeople. Although free, I highly recommend you upgrade to its paid plans to take advantage of its complete set of features.

LinkedIn offers various upgrades and tools, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs LinkedIn Premium. So, how do these two tools differ from each other?

LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the well-known paid tools from LinkedIn is its sales navigator. It is made to help entrepreneurs and salespeople know your target market better. Beyond that, LinkedIn sales navigator also works by looking for individuals that match your target demographics.

This LinkedIn tool is equipped with advanced features that will let you organize or generate leads and connect with your team members conveniently. LinkedIn sales navigator is available in multiple versions. But all of them will help you generate the perfect solution to get lead recommendations, find people, and more.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Premium, available in two versions: Premium Business and Premium Career, works like an upgraded LinkedIn account. An individual mostly uses this tool to analyze small or solo operations. The good thing about this tool is its ability to provide you with better, more accurate, and precise information about your business.

LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Features Compared

LinkedIn Premium is a tool to help users manage their reputation, boost their network, or look for a reliable job. In other words, its main goal is to give people a helping hand to hire talented employees fast and generate leads effectively.

Using LinkedIn Premium won’t cause you any stress or hassle with its reliably curated and easy-to-navigate features. To give you an overview of what you can get from a LinkedIn premium, I have listed some of its features below.

LinkedIn InMail – It is designed to help you connect with your LinkedIn contacts.

  • Profile View – It will allow you to know who and how many other LinkedIn users have viewed your profiles for the past three months.
  • Premium Search Filters – Designed to help you match the results with your purpose.
  • Profile Organizer – This lets you achieve a more organized contact.
  • Saved Search Alerts – Use this filter, so you don’t need to do the same searches each time of the day.
  • OpenLink – A feature that will allow other LinkedIn users to contact you.

Now that you know the different features of LinkedIn Premium, these are the outstanding specifications that a LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers:

  • Advanced Company And Lead Search – This feature will guide you to find the best companies and individuals.
  • Lead Recommendations – Quick and easy access to perfect leads that are customized according to your needs.
  • CRM Integration – This feature helps you save accounts and prospecting leads in just a few clicks.
  • RealTime Sales Updates – Keeps you updated with the latest job or company changes.
  • Notes and Tags – You can use tags to maintain organized accounts and leads. You can sync this data to your CRM.

LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Costs Compared

You can avail LinkedIn Premium for as low as 47.99 US Dollars a month, which you need to pay annually. For less than 50 US Dollars, you can have unlimited access to its advanced features, including InMail, Profile View, and information posted by other LinkedIn users.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available in three different pricing plans. Each plan is equipped with a unique set of features. For instance:

  • Professional Plan – This plan will cost you 64.99 US Dollars billed annually and is designed to be used by a small team or single account.
  • Team – This plan is available for only 99.99 US Dollars billed annually, perfect for small to medium-sized sales professionals.
  • Enterprise – This is considered the most expensive plan LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers. Despite being expensive, it is patronized by many organizations because of its appealing features.

LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Which Should You Buy?

To sum up, LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are tools designed for different purposes. If you or your team needs tools to generate better leads, I recommend you use LinkedIn Premium.

On the other hand, if you need something that can help you boost sales and allow you to access innovative features, it would be best to invest in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

If you prefer a video demonstration on Linkedin Premium vs LinkedIn Sales navigator, check out this tutorial:

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