How To Create LinkedIn Product pages? [in 2022]

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Businesses can utilize LinkedIn for a variety of purposes, including advertising, acquiring top personnel, and sharing pertinent industry news. However, did you know that you can establish LinkedIn Product Pages to highlight the products and services you’re attempting to sell?

It’s a younger, lesser-known function, but it’s a useful tool for increasing awareness of your goods and services.

In the LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to show you how to create LinkedIn product pages.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn product page, check out this one:

What is a LinkedIn Product page?

B2B companies can use a Product Page to showcase their products and develop their audience. A Product Page, which can be found under the LinkedIn Pages category, allows companies to list the items and include details like product descriptions, content, and user reviews.

LinkedIn Product Pages may provide potential customers the push they have to make confident purchasing decisions. As a result, you can create a product page for digital products or solutions like web development or email marketing.

How To Create LinkedIn Product pages?

To begin creating LinkedIn Product Pages, navigate to the LinkedIn Super Admin section of the Company profile.

Insert a New Product Into Your Cart

To see the goods you already have on the website, go to the Products section and select the Add Product option.

Add a Label and a Logo to Your Product

Click the Product Logo Edit option to submit any image you want to display as the logo for your product. It’s a good idea to make it unique from the corporate logo.

Insert a Call-To-Action or a URL

Select whether you want to Direct People to a Website or Acquire Leads from the Call To Action page.

Enhance the LinkedIn Product Pages by Adding Product Media Assets

After that, go to the Media tab. To see the choices, go to the Add Media menu bar.

Add Loyal Customers

Showing consumers who use the product is one approach to stand out on Product Pages. This is a good method to show that it’s being used, and it gives the page some social credit, which may encourage other businesses to join in.

Suggestions for Product Users

Next, navigate to the Product Users page. You can specify the categories of people and businesses who utilize the product in this section.

Remember to Provide the Information for the LinkedIn Product Pages

The product specifics explain what the product performs for its users and how it addresses problems. As a supplement to bringing customers to your business, you can link straight to your principal website.

Ensure That Everything Is Correct Before Submitting the LinkedIn Product Pages for Evaluation

LinkedIn reroutes you to the main editor, which displays the product page in a style similar to what buyers will see whenever they view it.

LinkedIn Product Page Examples

If there is one company that understands internet advertising, it is Google, which may explain why its LinkedIn product page, Think with Google, has over 300,000 members. Be cautious because, while they may appear to be few, they represent quite an achievement in this atmosphere.

Cisco is one of the biggest performers in the IT business and featured on the Showcase Pages. The company’s products or services are divided into 11 categories, with Cisco Data Center occupying the top spot due to its enormous number of users and frequent updates.

HP makes good use of targeted demographic isolation by providing free trials on select showcase websites and hosting online live Interactive sessions and informative video presentations.

LinkedIn Product Page vs Company Page vs Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a type of LinkedIn page that allows you to highlight a certain product line or business. However a LinkedIn company page is required to establish showcase pages, they are a stand-alone function. Like a small LinkedIn corporate profile, every showcase page will have its following, status updates, and features.

LinkedIn Product Pages are a terrific approach to convert prospects into customers when it comes to bottom-funnel promotion. Services pages are currently only accessible for Personal LinkedIn accounts, but they may become suitable for Business pages later.

Enterprises, groups, and institutions have their own LinkedIn Company Pages. They let LinkedIn members know more about particular companies’ brands, products, employment possibilities, and more by discovering and connecting with them. LinkedIn Company Pages give a one-of-a-kind approach for your business to stand out from the crowd. LinkedIn Company Pages are created to give the business the main base and allow you to reach out to your target demographic on the network.

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