How To Merge Two Facebook Pages? [in 2022]

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Do you have two duplicate Facebook pages and you want to get rid of one of them? You might have not known it but you can also merge Facebook pages, so you don’t have to delete these duplicate Facebook pages.

In this short Facebook page tutorial, I am going to show you how to merge Facebook pages, and we are also going to cover:

  • what does merging two Facebook pages mean?
  • what happens when you merge two Facebook pages?
  • What counts as two duplicate Facebook pages?
  • When should you delete vs merge Facebook pages?
  • The step by step of merging duplicate Facebook pages
  • What you can do when you can’t merge two Facebook pages?

What does merging Facebook pages mean?

When you have two very similar Facebook pages, Facebook will allow you to merge or combine these FB pages which means that the one you don’t want to have will be deleted and its Facebook likes and check-ins will be transferred to the new Facebook page.

There are some conditions for merging two Facebook pages that we will cover in the section ‘can’t merge Facebook pages’.

If you want to watch just a quick tutorial on how to merge Facebook pages, check out this video tutorial:

Mergevs delete duplicate Facebook pages

So the great thing about the ability to merging Facebook pages is that you won’t lose all the Facebook fans and the followers of the Facebook page that you don’t want to keep.

When you delete a Facebook page, you don’t have the opportunity to transfer the Facebook page likes to another Facebook page, everything gets deleted when you use the delete pages function on Facebook.

Unfortunately, only Facebook page likes and check-ins will be transferred to the other Facebook page, all the Facebook posts, settings, images you have uploaded to the Facebook page will be deleted. So it is better to keep the Facebook page where you have been more active with your content marketing.

If you are sure that merging duplicate Facebook pages is the right decision (don’t forget that it is a permanent action that cannot be taken back) then here is what you have to do:

How to merge Facebook Pages?

Here is how to merge duplcate Facebook page

  1. Go to the link
  2. You might have to sign in to your FB profile so Facebook can make sure someone else doesn’t’ want to mess up with you
  3. You will arrive at the following page where you can add the two Facebook pages that you want to merge. Then click on the ‘Continue’ buttonMerge Facebook pages
  4. In the next window, you have to select which Facebook page you want to keep. Select the Facebook page, then click on ‘Select’Select the Facebook page you want to keep
  5. Then once you have selected the Facebook page, you have to confirm one more time that your Facebook pages can be merged. Don’t forget that Facebook merges cannot be undone. If you are sure, then click on ‘Request Merge’.

Confirm Facebook page merge request

Congrats, the Facebook pages have been merged, the fans and followers of the merged Facebook pages will get notified that your Facebook page has been combined with another similar Facebook page.

Can’t merge two duplicate Facebook pages

When Facebook doesn’t allow the merging of the two Facebook pages, you will get a message similar to this from Facebook:

Facebook pages can't be merged

There are several reasons why you might not be able to merge two Facebook pages:

  1. You have to be the admin of both Facebook pages.
  2. The Pages you merge must represent the same thing and have similar names. If you try to merge Pages that aren’t similar, the Pages may be permanently unpublished.
  3. The Facebook pages you want to merge are in a different Facebook Business Manager.
  4. If the Facebook pages both have physical addresses, they have to be the same one. You can obviously change that in the About section of your Facebook page.

Alternatives to Facebook page merging

If you can’t merge two Facebook pages, there are three things you can do, if you want to still get rid of the duplicate Facebook page:

  • delete the Facebook page. If you choose this method, unfortunately, no FB page likes will be transferred.
  • unpublish the Facebook page. This is similar to the delete method. In this case, the unpublishing will hide the Facebook page, it will just hide the Facebook page from the public.
  • Rename the Facebook page. Then you could use one of the duplicate Fb pages for instance as a page where customers can contact you with Customer Service related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions – Merge two Facebook accounts

What happens when you merge two duplicate Facebook pages?

When you merge two Facebook pages, the one you don’t want to keep will be deleted and all the likes and the check-ins of the deleted Facebook page will be transferred to the FB page that you want to keep.

How long does it take to merge Facebook pages?

If you meet the requirements of Facebook regarding the Facebook page merge, then you don’t have to wait at all, Facebook will merge the Facebook pages right away.

Can you merge Facebook pages if they aren’t verified?

Yes, Facebook pages don’t have to be verified to be able to be merged.

How do I make sure I get to keep the page I want when I merge Facebook pages?

Facebook will ask you to select the Facebook page you want to keep, so you don’t have to worry about the wrong page being deleted.

Can you unmerge two Facebook pages after you merged them?

No, Facebook merging is an irreversible decision, once the Facebook merge has happened, you can’t unmerge the merged Facebook pages.

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