How to Remove Myself As Admin From a LinkedIn Page? [in %currentyear%]

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Many LinkedIn users are not aware that they can remove themselves as admins from a LinkedIn page. This is a useful feature if you have joined a page as a LinkedIn admin and later want to remove yourself from there.

In this LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to show you how to remove yourself as admin from a LinkedIn page.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to remove myself as an admin from a LinkedIn page, check out this one:

How to remove yourself as admin from a LinkedIn page?

Here is how to remove yourself as an admin from a LinkedIn page:

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Click on “Me” in the upper right-hand corner of your LinkedIn homepage;
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on “Manage” under “My Pages” and then scroll down to select “View All’.
  4. Once on the business Pages section, click on the name of the business and then click on “Admin Tools”
  5. In the Admin Tools section, click on “Manage Admins,”manage admins on a LinkedIn page
  6. Then select the trash icon next to your name.remove myself as admin from LinkedIn page
  7. Then confirm to remove yourself as admin from the LinkedIn page by clicking on the ‘Remove’ button.

If you followed our instructions, now you should be removed from the LinkedIn page as an admin.

What Happens When You Remove Yourself as admin From a LinkedIn Page?

Here is what happens when you remove yourself as an admin from a LinkedIn business page:

  • You can no longer edit or comment on the LinkedIn page.
  • You cannot see your information on the page.
  • Anyone who contacts you through LinkedIn will not see that you are an employee at that company.
  • Your name will be removed from the company’s recommended people list.
  • If someone searches for your name, they won’t be able to find your profile in search results for the company.

Can’t Remove Myself as admin From a LinkedIn Business Page?

The first time you log in to your LinkedIn business page, you are required to fill out the “About this Business” section. This section is important for all businesses because it conveys your company’s brand and what it stands for.

In this, you will also be asked to choose a representative from your company. This person will represent your company in LinkedIn’s professional network.

If you have a personal LinkedIn account, then you can easily remove yourself if you ever wish to remove yourself from the business page. However, if you do not have an individual LinkedIn account and only a personal one, you cannot remove yourself from the page

The reason is that when you fill out the “About this Business” section of your company profile, it automatically creates a permanent business connection with your account. Here are some solutions to get yourself removed from one of the LinkedIn pages:

  • Delete your profile
  • Close your browser and try again later
  • Log out and log back in as a different user
  • Check to see if the page is open in another tab or window

FAQs on How to Remove Myself As AdminFrom a LinkedIn Page?

You have set up your business page on LinkedIn and invited active employees of your company to be members of your page. Now you wish to remove yourself from this business page.

How to Delete a Company page on LinkedIn?

Knowing how to delete a company on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be difficult. You might think you’re stuck with a company page on LinkedIn for the rest of your life, but actually, there are a few different ways to get rid of it:

  1. Begin by logging into your LinkedIn account and clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, click on “Settings & Privacy” at the bottom of the menu.
  3. From here, you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to access all of your settings, including privacy settings and how you appear in searches. Under the “Companies” section, click “Delete Your Company.”
  4. Once you’ve clicked this button, LinkedIn will ask you to confirm whether or not you’re sure that you want to delete your company page. Click “Yes, Delete My Company Page” if this is what you want to do, or “No Thanks” if it isn’t.
  5. You’ll now be taken back to your main menu, where you’ll see that your company has been removed from the list of companies in which you’re involved.

How to Check if You Have Admin Access to a LinkedIn page?

Even though it’s rare, some users can access the accounts of others on LinkedIn due to an oversight in the system’s privacy tools. Follow the steps below to check if you have admin access to a company LinkedIn account.

  • Go to the “Companies” page on LinkedIn.
  • Go to the company whose page you want to check for admin access on
  • Click “Edit Company Information”
  • Search for the name of the person who is trying to access the company’s page

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