How To Request Access To A Linkedin Company Page? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn provides an opportunity for businesses to promote their products, to promote their brand, and to connect with their customers as well. LinkedIn company pages can provide up-to-date information to LinkedIn followers. However, others may be able to contribute to the LinkedIn business page as well when they can access it.

In this LinkedIn page tutorial, we are going to show you how to request access to a LinkedIn company page.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to give access to a LinkedIn company page, check out this tutorial:

How to request access to a LinkedIn company page?

The below-given information will help you when you want an answer to the question: “How to request access to a LinkedIn company page?”.

When someone is added as a LinkedIn page admin to the LinkedIn page, he or she can access it freely and can also contribute.

Here is how to request access to a LinkedIn company page:

  1. List your current position in the company on your profile on LinkedIn.
  2. Navigate to the business page on the LinkedIn website where you want to be granted access.
  3. Click on the “More” option that you will find on the page.
  4. Click on the “request admin access” tab. The option will appear in the drop-down menu.
  5. Then you will have to click on the “request admin access” tab. A dialogue box will appear on the page. There will also be a checkbox.
  6. Click on the checkbox. The action will verify that you are authorized to be an Admin on the account and page.
  7. The admin (or group of admins) of the business page and account will get a notification that you are requesting access to the page.
  8. The admins will also get the option to authorize and grant you access to the page.

Once you have been granted access by an admin, you will receive an email notification that will state that you have been granted access to the LinkedIn page and the account.

If you have the LinkedIn app installed on your iPhone or your Android phone, you will also receive the notification in your mobile app and the smartphone. In some cases, the admin or the person may not respond to the request of granting access. In such cases, you will have to contact LinkedIn directly.

You can also approve the “admin access request” and grant a person access to the company page. For that, you will have to click on the option “approve an Admin request”. Next, click “grant access” and then save changes.

2nd option: Ask a page admin to give access to you on the Linkedin business page

When you want to ask an admin to add you to the “admin” section of the LinkedIn business page, and want to request access to the page, you can follow the below-given procedure.

  1. Click on the “Me” section that can be found on the topmost right-hand corner of the website and the homepage.
  2. Select “manage” from the menu and subsequently select the company page.
  3. Now click on the “admin tools” section.
  4. Select “page admins” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  5. Click on the option “add a new admin”. It is located in the “manage admins” option.
  6. Now type and input the name of the member you want to add. Next, click on “save changes”.

Can’t request access to a LinkedIn company page?

One thing to remember is that an admin can grant access to a member-only when the person is connected. It should also be a first-degree connection.

The pending “admins request” tab is visible only when such requests are being made (at least one is there). However, if there are no requests, you won’t be able to see the tab and the option.


When you grant someone access to the admin section of the LinkedIn business page, you provide to the person access to the backend section of the account. Adding more admins can help you create and post even greater content and reach out to more people.

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