Facebook Access for New Facebook Pages Explained in 2022 – How To Give Someone Facebook Access?

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Once you have switched to the new Facebook page experience then one of the things you have to learn about is the Facebook Access for Facebook pages and how it works.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to explain what Facebook Access means for FB pages and how you can add someone to the Facebook page with Facebook Access.

What does Facebook Access for Pages mean?

Facebook Access is the new way how you can give someone access to a Facebook page so they can manage it. You have this feature only if you have switched to a new Facebook page experience.

Instead of giving someone an admin, editor, moderator role, you can give them Facebook access for the particular Facebook page.

People with Facebook access can switch into the Page and manage it directly on Facebook, or by using other tools like Facebook Business Suite or Facebook Creator Studio.

Facebook access is the more powerful access level in the Facebook page design era, if you want to grant more limited and controlled access you should give task access to the particular individual.

Having explained the basics of Facebook Access for pages, let’s see how to add someone to a Facebook Page with Facebook access.

How to give someone Facebook Access to Facebook pages?

  1. Open the Facebook page
  2. Click on the Manage button on the home pagemanage button on new Facebook pages
  3. Click on ‘Page Access’ on the left columnFacebook page access on new FB pages
  4. Here you can see anyone who has Facebook Access to the page.
  5. Click on ‘Add New’.add someonw with Facebook Access to the page
  6. Add the name or the email of the person you want to add access togive Facebook Access to people with full or limited control
  7. In the last step, you can choose if you want to add full control to the person.

So that is how you can give someone Facebook access for new Facebook pages.

Here you can find a great summary about these new Facebook access and how it works in the new Facebook page:

What is Facebook Access full control?

If you add someone Facebook Access with full control that person will not only be able to manage the Facebook page, but also remove anyone from the Facebook page (including you) or make big changes on the FB page (even delete it.)

This is basically similar to what we had with the classic Facebook page admin role. So make sure, you only enable full control when you are absolutely sure that the person needs full control.

If you change your mind and you want to change or remove Facebook Access of a page from someone you can do that as well if you have full control.

How to remove Facebook Access from a Facebook Page?

The process is pretty much the same as adding someone to the page with Facebook Access.

You have to open up the Page Access page on the FB page and remove or edit the person’s current permission.

Can’t grant someone Facebook Access for a Facebook page?

Keep in mind that you can only give Facebook access to someone on a Facebook page if you are using the new Facebook page design also called new Facebook page experience. If you haven’t switched to the new Facebook page experience, you can add someone as admin, editor, moderator or in any other Facebook page role to the classic FB page.

Also, you have to have Facebook access with full control (previously admin access) to be able to grant someone Facebook access.

So if you don’t have Facebook Access, you should be able to first ask someone with Facebook access to grant you Facebook access with full control.

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