Facebook Moderator Role Explained For Facebook Pages [in 2022]

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If you are wondering when the Facebook page moderator role should be assigned to people on your Facebook page, this post is for you.

We are going to tell you:

  • what is the Facebook page moderator role on Facebook
  • what are the responsibilities and rights of a Facebook moderator
  • when you should have a Facebook page moderator
  • Facebook page moderator vs Facebook Page editor and other Facebook page roles
  • How to be a successful Facebook page moderator,
  • How to moderate comments on Facebook effectively
  • How to make someone a Facebook page moderator?

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is a Facebook moderator?

A Facebook moderator is responsible for moderating discussions under your Facebook page and posts. It has fewer page rights and responsibilities compared to Facebook admin or editor but has more rights than just a Facebook page advertiser or analyst.

What are these rights? Let’s have a closer look at this.

What can Facebook page moderators do on a FBFaceook page?

A Facebook page moderator can do the following tasks:

Facebook page moderator vs Facebook page editor and admin

However, the Facebook moderator won’t be able to do any of the following:

  • delete or unpublish the Facebook page (only Facebppl page admins can do that)
  • edit the Facebook page
  • create and delete Facebook posts (only editors and the admin can do that)

So the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you assign someone the Facebook page moderator role he or she will be only able to moderate on the FB page but won’t be able to post or edit posts on the Facebook page.

When you should have a dedicated Facebook page moderator?

You might be wondering when it is the right time to assign someone the Facebook moderator role. Here are some general guidelines:

Generally, any time when the following types of issues get over your head:

  1. When there is a high volume of customer service inquiries
  2. If the content on your Facebook page needs to be moderated a lot of times for inappropriate language, images or links
  3. When there are too many spam posts on your page and it’s become difficult for people to find your updates
  4. You don’t think the person who is responsible for creating the FB posts will be able to moderate the page, as well as a professional moderator would

How to moderate successfully on a Facebook page?

Here is some general advice you can follow if you want to be successful in moderating your Facebook page:

  1. Respond to all comments and messages as soon as possible
  2. Keep an eye on the page’s activity, and be sure to respond quickly if there are any changes in likes or shares
  3. Have clear rules and regulations for running a Facebook page
  4. Make sure you have enough moderators to handle all the comments, posts, and messages coming in
  5. Monitor your page regularly so that it doesn’t get overrun with spam or offensive content
  6. Be mindful of what you post – don’t share anything too personal or controversial
  7. Hire an outside expert or an agency to take care of moderating Facebook posts.

How to make someone a Facebook page moderator?

We have a dedicated blog post on how to add a moderator to a Facebook page, so if you are interested in the step by step, check out that post.

By the way, the process is exactly the same as how you can add another admin or an editor to the Facebook page. The only difference is that you have to specify the role to be a moderator.

Here is a quick video tutorial on the process:

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