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As you might have seen, there are many Facebook page roles that you can choose when you are adding someone to a Facebook page. In this post, we are going to explain the Facebook page advertiser role and everything related to it.

So we are going to cover:

  • what is the Facebook page advertiser role on Facebook?
  • What are the responsibilities and rights of someone with a Facebook page advertiser role?
  • when you should add someone with a Facebook page advertiser role?
  • Facebook page advertiser vs other Facebook page roles
  • How to make someone a Facebook page advertiser?

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to make someone a Facebook page advertiser, check out this tutorual:

What is the Facebook page advertiser role?

A Facebook page advertiser is a lower-level role on a Facebook page that you can assign as a Facebook page admin.

It has been mostly created so you can add people to your Facebook page with limited rights who are runnings Facebook ads for your business.

What can a Facebook page advertiser do?

A Facebook page advertiser is one of the most limited Facebook page roles. A FB page advertiser has only access to features that are related to running Facebook ads but nothing more:

  • create ads, promotion or boosted posts
  • View the Insights of the page, like the performance of specific posts and the overall organic and paid reach of the Facebook page
  • Check out the page Quality tab
  • See who was the person who has published a Facebook post from the Facebook page.

Facebook page editor, moderator vs FB page advertisers

If you grant someone FB page advertiser access he won’t be able to:

  • delete the Facebook page
  • unpublish the Facebook page
  • make significant changes on eh Facebook page
  • publish, edit or delete posts
  • moderate the comments on the FB page
  • ban people from the page, etc.

Facebook page roles and rights

So as you can see from the screenshot above,  if you want to have your advertiser the ability to also post Facebook posts or moderate on the Facebook page, you should either assign your ad guy or gal an editor or a moderator role.

These role names are a little bit misleading as a FB page editor and a moderator can create Facebook ads or boosted posts just as an advertiser can.

When should you add an advertiser to a FB page?

If you have a dedicated person who is only responsible for running Facebook advertising campaigns, it is recommended to assign him or her the Facebook page advertiser role as well. Although you can also add him with higher-level responsibilities so he can also post on the Facebook page if it is necessary for a Facebook ads campaign.

But keep in mind that you should also grant him access to your Facebook ad account so he has access not only to Facebook page features but advertising features such as Facebook Custom Audiences, the FB ads manager, etc.

How to make someone a FB page advertiser?

We have a dedicated blog post where we show you the step by step of adding someone in the Facebook page advertiser role so be sure to check the post out if you want to see the step-by-step process.

However, the process is actually pretty much the same as adding or removing someone in any other role to your Facebook page. So you can easily do it under the FB page role settings area.

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