How To Get Verified On Instagram? [In 2022]

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Doing any kind of Instagram marketing, getting the verified badge next to your Instagram account name can help you become more credible and prove that you are well-known.

In this Instagram marketing tutorial, we are going to explain what Instagram verification is, what you need to get verified on Instagram, and the exact step-by-step process of verifying an Instagram account.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is the process of getting your Instagram account verified. If you get your Insta account verified, you can prove that you are of public interest, either a well-known brand, business or famous celebrity.

When you get verified on Instagram, you will get a nice blue tick next to your Instagram username:

get verified on Instagram

So if you think, that the above description applies to you, you should definitely try to get verified on Instagram.

Before we would show you the actual Instagram verification step by step, we also share some more information you should know regarding the Instagram account.

Benefits of verifying your Instagram account

There are some clear benefits to having a verified Instagram account.

If you are an influencer or celebrity, it is way easier to get new followers, as people are more likely to follow you. Having the blue verified badge is an instant social proof sign.

If you have a verified Instagram business account and represent a brand or business, then people are also more likely to follow you as they know you are a trustworthy brand.

The blue check mark on your Instagram profile also signals trust and credibility thus it can also help you to convert more people if you are selling products or services on Instagram or outside of Instagram.

Although, it doesn’t mean your profile will get some special handling, since your Instagram posts will get the same algorithmic distribution as regular Instagram posts.

However, since you are famous or well-known it is more likely that you will get higher than average engagement but that is not related to being a verified Instagram profile.

Who can get verified on Instagram?

As we said, you have to be famous, or at least well-known to be able to get verified on Instagram. But being well-known is kind of vague, so let’s be more specific.

Instagram has four main requirements that you have to meet to be able to get verified:

  1. Authentic

You Instagram account has to be authentic which means that it has to represent a real person, registered business or entity.

  1. Unique

Instagram will verify only one Instagram account that represents the brand, business or personality. For these reasons, Instagram can’t verify meme or fan accounts even if they have millions of Instagram followers.

  1. Complete

If you want the Instagram account to get verified, the account has to be public, have an Instagram profile photo and a bio. The account should also be active, so you should have at least couple of photos or video posted.

  1. Notable

Last but not least, the Instagram account has to be notable. This means that the account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or business. So it helps if you have a lot of news coverage.

How to get verified on Instagram?

It is quite easy to request an Instagram verified badge:

  1. Open the Instagram account, and go to your profile
  2. Tap on the menu in the top right corner.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Account’Instagram Settings - Account button
  5. Then tap on ‘Request Verification’.how to verify an Instagram account
  6. First, you have to add your full name or the name of the business.Instagram verification form
  7. Then upload an official document that proves that you are really you.
  8. Select the category you are in.Instagram verification form - articles
  9. You can also add info about your audience
  10. If you are also known on another name, add that as well.
  11. Last but not least add three articles or social media links that prove that you are notable.

Once you filled in everything, tap on the ‘Submit’ button

Instagram verified account support team will review your Instagram account and they will get back to you if you get verified on Instagram or not. But as you can see the verification process is pretty easy.

Learn more about the process of getting verified on Instagram from this video:

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