How To Verify A Facebook Business Page? [in 2021]

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Verifying a Facebook page has many benefits besides getting that nice blue checkmark (verified badge) next to the page name of your Facebook page.

Besides showing you how to verify a Facebook page in 2021 we are also going to explain what are the requirements for verifying a Facebook page and what are the benefits of getting verified on Facebook.

This post is all about verifying a Facebook business page, if you are interested in other facebook verification processes, check out the tutorials below:

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Requirements for Facebook page verification

Before we would jump into the process of submitting the Facebook verification form, here are the requirements you have to meet if you want to verify a Facebook page:

  • Authentic: The business or the personality your Facebook page represents has to be a real person or business
  • Unique: Only one Facebook page can be verified for a specific person, business, organization, or brand. No fan pages or meme pages can get verified.
  • Complete: You have set up your Facebook page properly. This means that you have to have an About section, a page and cover photo and at least one Facebook post on your timeline.
  • Notable: The personality or the entity the Facebook page represents has to be well-known. Facebook qualifies you as notable if people search for your brand or if you get featured in news sources regularly.

If you think you meet the Facebook page verification requirements, you can submit the verification form.

How to verify a Facebook page in 2021?

Here is how to verify a Facebook page:

  1. Open the link to the verification form:
  2. Select that you want to verify a Facebook pageverify a Facebook page
  3. Choose the Facebook page you want to get verified
  4. Next, you need to upload an official document that shows that you represent that business.
  5. For Facebook pages, you can upload a Tax filing, a utility bill or articles of incorporationverify a Facebook page
  6. Select the category of your Facebook page
  7. Add the country or region where you are most popular
  8. Audience (optional). Add who are the people who follow your FB page.
  9. Also known as (optional). You can also list other names your business is known as well.
  10. Last but not least, add 5 articles that show that your Facebook page is in the public interest. You cannot add promotional content.
  11. Click on ‘Send’ button.

Once you submitted a form, Facebook will review your Facebook page and the business or person it represents and if they think you are worthy of the verification, your Facebook page will get verified.

Here you can also check out a video that shows you how to verify a Facebook business page:

Facebook Business Page Verification benefits

Besides getting a verified badge for your page, here are some benefits that you will get if you get a Facebook page verified on Facebook:

Social proof

The verified badge helps you gain social proof. It shows that you are a famous celebrity or established brand. People will more likely check out your Facebook page if you have social proof

Search visibility

When people search for you or the brand, it will help you to be the top result on the Facebook page result pages.


The blue checkmark also helps with credibility and trust. If you sell products or services, people will more be more likely to trust you and buy from you if they trust you or your business.

Access to new Facebook page features

Although this I not confirmed, if your Facebook page is verified, you will also get access to new Facebook page features sooner than regular Facebook pages.

Can’t verify a Facebook page

If Facebook has rejected your Facebook page verification, here are the most common reasons you failed to get verified:

  1. The submitted official document has issues. Check if you have scanned the right document. This document should be an official document by a local authority. Language is also important. You can check the supported languages and other info related to documents here:
  2. Facebook deems that you are not a well-known and publicly recognized business or personality. There is nothing to do here but make sure you added the right articles and news coverage that show that you are of public interest
  3. The information you provided doesn’t match up. If Facebook sees different businesses on the documents you submitted and the news coverage you shared, they are most likely to reject your verification application.

Verify other Facebook business assets

Keep in mind that you can also verify your Facebook Business Manager, your Instagram account, and if you are a celebrity your personal profile.

You can find the tutorial on these here:

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