How To Verify A Business In Facebook Business Manager? [in 2021]

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If you have a Facebook Business Manager account, you should verify the business it represents in Facebook Business Manager. This is necessary if you want to access certain Facebook business tools and features.

In this tutorial, we are going to show step by step how to verify a business in Facebook Business Manager. We are also going to explain all the requirements you need to meet to be able to verify a business in Business Manager.

Why verification of a Business Manager is important?

First, let’s talk about why you might need to get verified as a business in Facebook Business Manager.

  • News Page Index: If you want your Facebook page to appear in the News page Index then you must first verify your business
  • Whatsapp Business Account: You can only create a Whatsapp business account if you have a verified business in Business Manager
  • If you use certain developer features, you use the Facebook API for your app or an Instant Games developer then you should also go through the business verification process
  • If you have an agency that is based in China, you also have to verify your business in Business Manager.

Sometimes whether you want to use the features above or not, Facebook will ask you to verify your business or organization if you are US-based and run ads on social and political issues.

Requirements for Facebook Business Manager verification

Here are the requirements you have to meet if you want to verify a business in Facebook BM:

Business has to be a legal entity

If you want to verify a business or other organization in Facebook Business Manager, the business has to be an official, properly registered legal entity.

Proof that you have access to that business

Facebook has to make sure that it is your business that you try to verify. So you have to add a business phone or mail address and Facebook will send you a code to the business phone number or mailing address that you can use to verify your business.

Domain ownership

You have to be the owner of the domain you are sending Facebook ads traffic to. This is also important with the iOS14 update.

Verified identity

You might need to upload a government ID if you didn’t manage to verify the business the first time.

If you have all of the above, you can start the process of business verification in your Facebook Business Manager account.

How to verify a business in Facebook Business Manager account?

To verify a business in Facebook Business Manager:

  1. Open the Facebook Business Manager account
  2. Click on ‘Business Settings’ from the menu
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Security Center’Security center in Facebook Business Manager
  4. Click on ‘Start verification’ There are four steps to go through.start business verification in Business Manager
  5. First, you have to fill in business info, like business address, name, phone number, info necessary for Facebook business verification
  6. Based on the data you added, Facebook will show businesses from a database.
  7. Select your business and then click ‘Next’
  8. You have to confirm your business data and details
  9. Choose a verification method to get the verification code.
  10. Enter your verification code
  11. Click ‘Submit’

If you managed to go through these steps, now all you have to do is wait a little bit.

Facebook verification team will review your business data and your business will be verified if all your data has been submitted correctly and they also match up.

If something wasn’t right or correct, your verification might be rejected. We have collected the most common business verification issues that you can check out here:

You can also check out this video on the process of verifying your Facebook Business Manager account here:

Other verification options on Facebook

Keep in mind that if you go through the process we have described above, it will only verify the business in your Facebook Business Manager.

If you want to get the blue checkmark to your Facebook profile, page, or Instagram account, you have to go through separate verification processes.

You can learn more about these verification processes in the tutorials below:

FAQ – Facebook Business Verification

How long does business verification take on Facebook?

There is no fixed review period for business verification on Facebook. If more than 30 days passed since you have submitted the verification request, check if everything is right and might try to resubmit your application.

How long does ID photo verification take for Facebook?

If you also need to submit n government ID for business verification, Facebook usually can verify it within 1-2 business days. However, because of COVID, the review might take longer.

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