How to remove Meta Business Suite from Facebook page? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you find Meta Business Suite to be annoying you might want to remove the Meta Business Suie from a Facebook page.

In this Facebook business tutorial, we are going to show you how to remove the Meta Business Suite from a Facebook page

How to remove Meta Business from a Facebook Page?

To remove a page from the Meta Business Suite:

  1. Open the Meta Business Suite account (
  2. Select the Meta Business Suite account that is connected to the page.
  3. Click on ‘Settings’ on the bottom left.
  4. Select ‘Business Assets’
    business assets in meta business suite
  5. Select the page you want to remove from the Meta Business account.
  6. Click on ‘Remove from Business account’ to remove the page from Meta Business account
    remove page from meta business suite account
  7. Confirm to remove Meta Business from the Facebook page
remove meta business suite from page

Can’t remove Meta Business Suite from a Facebook page

If you can’t remove the Facebook page from the Meta Business account, here is the most common issue.

You can’t remove the Meta Business suite from the Facebook page, if you are not the admin of the Meta Business suite account.

Here you can find tutorials on how to request access to a Facebook Business Manager as an admin or how to ask the admin to add you as an admin to the Meta Business account.

It is also possible that you don’t have admin access on the Facebook page, in that case, check out these tutorials:

Other options you have to get rid of Meta Business Suite

Although you might find Meta Business Suite useful as it has plenty of useful features, if you want to get rid of the Meta Business account, you also have the option to delete it.

If you want to delete the Meta Business account permanently, check out this tutorial:

Remove page from the Facebook Business Manager

If you haven’t been switched to new Meta Business account yet, and you still use the legacy Facebook Business Manager account, then the process of removing or disconnecting a Facebook page is a little bit different.

Fortunately, we also have a tutorial on this that you can check out here:

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