Can’t Verify Business In Facebook Business Manager – Troubleshooting

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If you can’t verify a Facebook Business Manager account, no worries, in this tutorial we are going to show you the most common issues for Facebook business verification failures and how you can troubleshoot them.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Can’t verify business in Facebook Business Manager – Most common issues

Here are the most common reasons, why you are unable to verify a business in Facebook Business Manager:

  • Your government ID wasn’t uploaded the right way
  • your submitted documents that have some kind of issues
  • Facebook doesn’t allow you to verify your business in Business Manager.

Let’ break down each of these issues one by one.

1.      You have issues with the submitted ID

If you submit your verification application for the first time, you don’t even need to submit a photo of your ID. However, if Facebook couldn’t verify your business for the first time, they also require you to submit a scanned version of your ID.

However, this ID can also have the following issues that will prevent you from getting verified:

  • the scanned photo didn’t show all four corners of the ID
  • You took the photo of the ID from an angle
  • You haven’t used the right background. Facebook asks you to have a black background
  • You can’t digitally modify any area on the ID. If you think, there is some sensitive information on the ID
  • You tried to submit your ID too many times. In this case, another Facebook business manager admin should submit their ID:

2.      Submitted documents have issues

The second most common issue that might prevent you from verifying a business is related to documents. Here are the most common issues:

  • You submitted a document type that is not supported. Facebook will only be able to verify your business if you submit a not supported document. You can learn more about what they support here:
  • You can’t verify your business with a self-verified document. You’ll need to upload an approved registration certificate with signature or official government seal.
  • You submitted the document in a language, Facebook doesn’t support. Check out the available languages here:
  • Facebook obviously won’t verify your business if the submitted documents are not viewable. Make sure to submit official documents that can be easily read
  • Check the expiration date of the submitted document. If it is expired, Facebook can’t verify your business in Facebook Business Manager.
  • You submitted a document that doesn’t contain the legal name of your business. Or you submitted a document where the legal name of the business doesn’t match with the one you added at the business address application area
  • Your document doesn’t contain a business address or a business phone or these don’t match the contact info you provided. These are also essential as the verification code will be sent to either your phone or mailbox
  • You have issues with domain verification. You also have to own a domain and use any of the verification method to prove that you own that domain.
  • You can’t verify the business in Facebook BM as you are not getting any verification code. Try requesting the email or the phone call again.

3. You can’t verify the business as Facebook doesn’t allow it

Last but not least, you can’t verify a business in Facebook Business Manager if Facebook doesn’t allow you to do so.

These business verification applications get a review by real humans so Facebook doesn’t want any business to verify their business. These are only necessary for the following most common reasons:

  • If you want your Facebook page to appear in new News page Index then you must first verify your business
  • You can only create a Whatsapp business account if you have a verified business in Business Manager
  • If you use certain developer features, you use the Facebook API for your app or an Instant Games developer then you should also go through the business verification process.

In any other case, don’t bother with business verification. Instead, try to verify your Facebook page or Instagram account.

You can clearly see if you can verify your business or not as the button in the Facebook BM Security Center won’t be clickable if you can’t:

can't verify business - facebook business verification not available

We would also recommend to check out this video on how to verify a Facebook Business Manager, before you would try to troubleshoot:

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